Phone Call

One call and you were gone.
It's been 6yrs and I still love you
Is it possible for time to go on forever?
No matter how many times I replace you
I still remember our first time
How your skin felt across mine

How we synched together
Two parts of a puzzle put together
It was like time had frozen still
I knew if I had to die I would go willingly
I once thought I had found my soulmate but as soon as I saw you again

I knew I was wrong
Ur sudden appearance in my life again threw me off
I no longer knew who I was
But all I knew was I had to have you
So I did everything I could to get to you

But it was not enough
So I stole your stuff and broke urn heart
You were alone and vulnerable
So in the end I made you mine
But in the end, you still got away
All it took was one phone call and you were gone
Published: 12/23/2009
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