Photography Projects for Kids

Here are some photography projects for kids that would be loved and enjoyed by them along with learning. Read on to know some photo project ideas.
Photography, be it a photo hobby or a business, is not only a source of amusement for adults, it even surprises kids in its own new way. The kids visualize a new world through a camera. And if you want to see that expression of fun and excitement on the face of your child, then give him a camera and watch. You can even engage them with different assignments like photography projects for kids that would give them an insight into the techniques involved in photography and add to the knowledge regarding various things. These projects for kids will give them an opportunity to express themselves through self portrayal and tricky photographs.

Photo Projects

These projects will introduce them to some very basics of photography, and of course, how can we forget the fun involved in this. You can choose out of the best digital cameras for kids available that are especially designed for kids considering various factors.

Digital Photography

Traditional Family Tress
The kid has to capture all his family members, right from the new-born baby to the great-great grandparents, in their digital camera and then transfer them to the PC. Take a print of all the photographs on the photo paper and cut them in the same size. Assign some captions for each with their date of birth. Take a print of that too. Stick a small ball of cotton or felt at the back of the photographs. Now, take a thick chart paper and draw a huge tree with many branches. Start sticking the photographs from the top, moving from elder most to the youngest one. This family tree can even be made into a slid show on Microsoft PowerPoint with various effects.

Jigsaw Puzzle
The digital photography by the kids can be converted into a puzzle for a large group to play. It is really a new and a unique project for the kids. Making a puzzle out of digital photographs is very simple. Ask the kid to take the picture of his own room, of the garden or some other still object somewhat similar to still photography. If you want you can even make some changes through the photo shop. Otherwise, take an enlarged print out of it. Stick it on a cardboard that is thick as well as easy to cut. Then, carefully cut several curved pieces out of them and keep it in a box to shuffle and start playing.

Animal Journal
Nothing can be more exciting for kids to go for an outing on the weekends. How about visiting a zoo! It will definitely double the excitement and add fun and thrill to see amazing animals. This trip can be a source of learning for the kids. Let the kids take some digital photographs of the animal and search some interesting facts about them on the internet. You can also guide them with some creative photography ideas to make it more interesting. Make a journal of them by sticking the printouts of the photographs and writing at least ten facts about each. This project can be made on Microsoft PowerPoint with various effects as well.

Half-Half Picture
This project is really going to be very funny. The clue of the fun is in the phrase- 'half-half.' For this, kids need not have camera. Collect some magazines and cut out the faces of the pictures of some famous characters and cut the body below the neck of some. Now mismatch and paste the photographs on a chart paper. By mismatch I mean, face of someone else and body of some other person. Even an imagination of one such photograph will make you laugh.

So, these were some of the photography project ideas to do on their weekends and in their vacations. Teach some photography tips and techniques like taking photographs from different angles and capturing funny movements. Make sure that the kids are always accompanied by elders or parents to avoid any mishap. So go on and enjoy while being creative!
By Megha Tiwari
Published: 10/9/2010
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