Pick A Card

Love's magic spell is not always happiness.
"Pick a card," he said to me,
"Any card you like."
I picked one out and laid it down,
And watched him trick my mind,
Sleight of hand or magic,
I really couldn't tell,
But I knew that he held control,
Just like you hold me in your spell.

The mind games you play with me,
Sung on your haunting psalm,
They pull upon my heartstrings,
Until I don't know who I am,
Like the ever dancing marionette,
I dance my jig for you,
Round and round the mulberry bush,
As you manipulate my mood.

Like a drunkard in a liquor store,
I drank your potion through a straw,
You made me fall in love with you,
I was held fast by your claws,
Unable to escape your clutches,
I surrendered to my fate,
A prisoner to your vanity,
With no hope of escape.

So conjure up your witch's brew,
And hold me in my stead,
In my humble servitude,
To the menace in your head.
"Pick a card," he said to me,
"Any card you like."
I picked the queen of broken hearts,
The ruin of my life!
Published: 8/8/2011
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