Pixie Braids

Pixie braids have become a popular hairstyle all over the world. This hairstyle features numerous tiny braids tied completely or partially across the head. Read this article for more information on how to do pixie braids and how to care for them.
What are pixie braids? It is one of the typical African-American hair braiding styles. However, now it is worn by people of different cultures and backgrounds. Pixie braids are a style of braided hair that involve division of the hair into small sections, and then braiding it tightly. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion and can be worn by children and adults alike. One of the advantages of pixie braids is that this style can be worn for a long time in a variety of ways. You can have your entire hair tied up in pixie braids or just a part of it. No matter how you do them, pixie braids look gorgeous! Read this article to know how you can get pixie braids!

How to Make Pixie Braids
  • Make sure your hair is free of tangles.
  • Divide your hair into tiny sections.
  • Take each tiny section and braid it tightly fastening the end with a band.
  • Continue doing this till all the sections have been braided. The result is a funky head of pixie braids (Also known as micro braids).
Pixie braids can be short or long depending on the person and (obviously) the length of the hair. Let's see how they can be worn differently by different people. Then you can decide what kind would suit you the best.

Short Braids
Men with almost shoulder length hair can tie pixie braids in the manner mentioned above. These braids have another name, African pixie braids as African-Americans were the first people to sport this hairstyle.

Long Braids
Having long pixie braids is fun and gives a stylish look too! You can wear these braids for as long as two to three months! They look unique and can go well with any dress you wear. For work, tie up all your braids with a thick band. For a party, leave them down loose. For a formal event, knot them up in a bun with a pretty sequined hairpin that matches your outfit. See, it's so simple and the best part is you don't have to worry about a bad hair day very often!

How to Care for Pixie Braids
You need to take proper scalp and hair care for donning the stylish pixie braids. Caring for them is a two level process. You need to care for your hair before you get the braids and also after getting them. Given below are tips for their care.

Before getting the braids
  • Wash your hair and deep condition it
  • Dry it thoroughly using a blow dryer
  • Ensure that you don't have split ends as this may end up breaking brittle hair
After getting them
  • Make sure you drink enough water as dehydration can affect the hair
  • Braiding causes stress to the hair. So, use a good (not very strong) conditioner when you shampoo the braids
  • Oil the hair regularly (with non sticky oil) for moisture retention
  • Clean the exposed parts of the scalp to prevent the occurrence of dandruff
  • After you remove the braids, massage your hair with warm oil. This will help the hair to relax after being tied up for so long
I hope this article has helped you know about pixie braids and how to do them. So go ahead and get your own braids right away! Learn how to braid hair differently and enjoy the experience as well as the admiring looks that you'll get.
By Sujata Iyer
Published: 6/11/2010
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