Plant a Seed Potent

Every action adds meaning and quality to our lives. Why not embark upon life's journey in a conscientious manner, sowing only the best. After all, you can't reap good fruit from diseased seed, can you?...
You may not have wealth or green,
Or home palatial with treasure cove.
You may not have The Wonders seen,
Or felt the pang for deep, real love.

You may not have the will to want
To do something beyond the self.
You may not think beyond flaunt,
Living a life with fairy tale elf.

But, you don't really need much to be
Energized for thought and good act;
To grey with soul a-flame and dignity,
To bear witness to the age old fact.

That when you plant a seed potent;
A seed of simple, healing thought.
There is more in it for your content,
Than a richer, encompassing lot.

Sow an act and reap rich life.
Spread the fragrant, sweet scent.
Shed the dreary, robotic strife,
As you plant a new seed potent.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/10/2009
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