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Diana completed her graduation and wanted to start a new business. She had a contact which she got from her college. A year ago in her college, an entrepreneur, David conducted a program. In that program, he informed that if anyone was willing to start a new business, they could contact him using his mobile number or Email Id. So, Diana contacted David and he asked her to meet him. She went to meet him. He informed that Plastic usage is increased in the city. He said, "As plastic is low in cost, many people will buy it and we will get a huge profit. So, better start a plastic company. I will help you in developing that company." This idea seemed good for Diana. She thanked him and told that she will contact him soon.

After getting the required money from her parents, Diana visited David to inform that her new project was ready to start and had asked David's help. He accepted and they started the project by getting a building for rent and buying the required machines. They became closer and decided to marry. With the help of both the parent's positive decision, they married and both started working in their same plastic company. They started to get good profits as most of the cities in their country used plastics of their brands. Their company was favorite for their plastic carry bags and plastic bottles. The Government started to use their brand for plastic bottles as it was of low cost. On this good time, their baby was born. Their happiness increased. David also bought a cute dog which would be a great companion for their baby. When David was at company, Diana would take care of the baby and the dog and vice versa. The carry bags were filled in their houses. As it is injurious, Diana and David are very keen in avoiding the baby and the dog to go near to the plastics.

A new problem arose for them as WHO (World Health Organization) announced that plastic usage need to be stopped considering the decomposition and health problems. As plastic was the only business for Diana and David, they decided not to stop it. The Government of their country stopped the usage of plastic bottles. So, a huge amount of loss occurred for their plastic company. Even though most of the clients stopped using plastics, some small scale industries were continuously using plastics. As David's plastic company used cheap chemicals, many started to suffer. By knowing this, David and Diana planned not to use any of their home materials with plastics. The problem became very big as David and Diana didn't realize the mistake and breaking the rules. The government advised and warned to stop manufacturing plastics. But their greedy behavior didn't allow them to obey the rules.

David and Diana were happy at home with their baby and the little dog. Their selfishness made others to hate them. One day the government had planned a meeting to discuss with David and Diana about the plastic company. If they made government to approve the company to manufacture plastics by their speech, they could continue to run the company without any problem. So, this meeting was very important for them to continue running their company. The meeting would be around for 5 hours. Hence, with no other way, the baby and the dog were left alone in the home. David and Diana went to the meeting and switched off their phones. They however convinced the Government to approve and run their company. This was the flash news in every news channel. David and Diana were very happy about this. When they switched on their phone, an employee of their plastic company suddenly called and told that the plastic company was blasted due to a Short circuit that occurred in the company. Also he included that it may be the plan of an employee in that company because the employee's father died due to the usage of this plastic. So, David and Diana became very angry and went to their home. In their home, they had another shocking news. They found their dog dead inside the plastic cover. The dog died because it was playing with the plastic cover and when the dog went inside it, it was unable to breathe and died. David and Diana also found that their baby was dead. They couldn't understand how the baby died. So, with lot of confusion and sadness, they consulted a doctor. The doctor tested the baby and told that the baby swallowed a small carry bag. As it covered the lungs, it blocked the breathing of the baby. This was the reason due to which the baby died.

David and Diana finally understood that their selfishness created hatred among people. Also they understood that their selfishness was the reason behind their lovable baby and the dog's death. So they started a cotton company where even a carry bag was made of plastic. Government appreciated the company and provided the funds to motivate them.

"Plastic usage is injurious."
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Published: 10/25/2016
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