Please Forgive Me

I know I hurt you many times before, I try myself to change for the good of our relationship. Mahal na mahal kita means - I love you so much.
I've said hurtful things to you,
Even though I love you,
I know I make you sad,
Now I feel very bad.

There are times,
I ask myself the questions of 'why',
Why I make you cry?
Why we have so many fights?

I know you, darling,
No amount of pleading,
Is going to change your mind again,
But I'm sorry for causing you pain.

Please, forgive me for what I've done,
It's too hard for me without you,
Because you know how much I love you,
I'm really sorry, my love.

I hope you would listen to me,
Please, give me another chance,
You are my world and my life,
So please forgive me, my love.
Published: 3/27/2013
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