Please Open Your Eyes?

All parents love their child(ren). Sometimes they realize that a little too late...
Baby girl is crying,
Crying in sheer despair,
She is hungry,
Hungry for love and care.

Late at night,
Oh, how she cries!
The parents wake up,
"Lord! Why, oh why?"

The parents are arguing,
Who's turn is it to feed her?
They continuing screaming,
"No, you!" "No, you!" "YOU!"

They both win,
They both lose,
Whichever way,
They didn't feed her.

Baby girl is crying,
Crying in sheer despair,
She is hungry,
Hungry for love and care.

Guess what her name is?
The name her parents decided.
Girl. Yes, that's her name.
Her parents couldn't be bothered.
Enough said.

It's Girl's 5th birthday,
Her parents are out late,
She's watching the time go by,
Praying and praying they'll be alright.

"Please God,
Let Mummy and Daddy come home safe,
I know how they treat me is unfair,
But I love them both so much!
Please, I beg you... I beg you, God."

Girl is crying,
Crying her heart out,
She's wishing and praying,
For her parents to come back.

It's gone past midnight,
Guess who decides to storm in?
Her drunk Papa and Mama,
Girl wipes her tears away,
"Thank you God so much!"

Dad shouts colorful words,
Mum screams at her,
Dad reaches for the vase,
Mum is getting louder and louder...

"Why you little-!"

The whole world is spinning,
Girl screams in pain,
She holds onto her head, it's bleeding,
Her Dad goes for another hit again.

She's on the floor,
Begging for him to stop,
She cries out, "Mummy! Help!"
But Mummy is just watching her.

Dad is growing violent,
He bashes her against the wall,
Girl is losing conscious,
Mum is laughing at her fall.

Girl is just staring...
Staring at her shocked parents...
They're saying stuff she cannot hear...
They are crying...
Crying for her...?

She's treasuring these little seconds forever,
Staring at the two beings before her.

They were the first when she opened her eyes,
And they were the last when she closes them.
Published: 5/11/2012
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