Pleasure & Pain

A game only me and you can play...Curious...Let's play...
This secret dance, between me and you
We call love, is played by two and only you and me
A secret dance in the dark
A deadly game of catch an mouse
A lover's quarrel
Tainted by the lust for blood
And the pleasure we seek in the pain
A dance between us only ends in one pattern
Gasping for breath and in ecstasy as the blade slice my skin
The thrill of dancing with blades is higher than any drug
The gleam of flashing silver through the air
Arching in circles around me
This fantasy is between me and you
A game only we can play
A game that only we can feel
People stare as blood drips down our pale skin
Seeking the simple whisper of pleasure that escapes our lips
The flutter of the eye lashes and the blush that creeps into our skin
Watching us as we rise higher and higher into pleasure
Screaming as the blade slices deeper and deeper
Cutting a path no man can claim
A path that only pain and pleasure are entwined
A mark a marking who we belong too
The master of the sword demands who plays
And who falls and who wins it's all
This is a game of love that we all play unto death
Even in death our souls and still playing with the sword master
Dripping what blood we can steal
Playing a game of pleasure and pain
A game that only me and you can see.
Published: 5/5/2007
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