Plug Into Your Life!

Mind freeing poem.
How beautiful it is,
To just plugin your earphones,
And play your favorite song,
Then go dancing along the streets,
Pausing from time to time, to just take in the sweet words,
And they will look at you with smiles.

Knowing that whatever you are hearing is just the best for you,
And you won’t need to pause the song,
To explain to them what it says,
Or wait for them to get the words,
It’s your favorite song,
Your best tune,
And you just listen to it,
No pauses, no questions,
I tell you it’s so beautiful, so refreshing.

You probably feel what I feel,
Let’s take it higher,
Plugin your life into the system,
Listen to your dreams as you run your errands,
Listen to the sweet voice in your heart,
Feel the greatness in your dreams,
Feel your hopes,
Dance to your future,
Whistle in your dream-house,
And turn around in your dream car.

Plugin your life and just feel it,
It’s the best tune ever,
It’s the best thing you haven’t done,
Oooh! How beautiful it is,
No questions, no pauses,
So satisfying, so refreshing,
Plug into your life today,
And listen to the sweet music you haven’t listened to!
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Published: 5/25/2016
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