I Love You Babe

A love poem I wrote to my girlfriend this evening ~ I love her so very much!
To express my feelings for you,
Is it possible?
Let me think...

I fancy you for that voice that gives me shivers,
Down my spine every time you take a tone,
I adore you for being the beautiful person that you are,
I love you for loving me not just for what I am, but for who I am.

I treasure you for your gorgeous green eyes,
And those kissable lips that make it hard to stand straight,
But not even this is enough to express my feelings for you,
Maybe if I told you that...

If you were the galaxy, I would be the universe to hold you in place,
If you were a leaf, I would be the wind that carries you down to the ground safely,
If you were the ocean, I would be the shore to stroke your every wave,
To always be near you and love you mean the world to me.

So don’t you ever doubt my feelings for you babe,
'Cause they are and will always be true.
Published: 8/23/2012
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