Poems about Dreams

Dreams are reasons to live; dreams give a meaning to life. They bridge the gap between the 'seemingly impossible' and 'possible'. iBuzzle's collection of poems about dreams brings you stories behind dreams... both fulfilled and unfulfilled. If you are a dreamer, you must go through this section. Dream on.
Haunted Dreams
Bad dreams.
Thoughts Before Bed
Was thinking of someone I care about, before going to bed last night.
The Trees
A nightmare.
A Waking Dream
My dream...
Within the Third Eye...
A poem about a third conscious mind.
In a world that is obsessed with technology, is it just a dream for us to release it?
All I...
This is just something I jotted down in my notebook.... Thought I should share it....
Love's Dream
A real dream captured in a poem.
A Dream Explained
How can so few words explain a dream?
Everlasting Sleepless Night
Thoughts on a sleepless night.
Tea With Your Paper
Paper pieces as with dashed dreams or torn heart can still be mended with care to fold your paper plane, well with hope to take flight.
I Think I'm Falling
Coming back to life.
Phantasm of Possibilities
After watching the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," it got me thinking. And for a while, I battled with myself to how I'm going to express what I'm feeling. Until I thought of the first two lines, and the...
Near But Far
Some things are at our fingertips, but we only need to persist to reach them because they will seem far away.
Hiding Alone
The poem is about me. Edited, it makes more sense now
Enervated Eye
Something that I am going through... Enervated Eye(s).
A song of release.
Upon A Dream
The strangeness of a dream...
Dreams We See
Do we have dreams to achieve? Is it good to have some? How to get them true? What helps us to get closer to our dream? There are many other questions that may run through our mind while following our dreams. May it either be career...
Trapped in Inception
If you can be a dreamer, what dreams would you have...
Dream On!
This is my second dream poem. I just love dreams! I wrote this so you know the advantages of dreaming. Dare to dream, and dream big!
Dreams Can Really Come True!
Don't ever let anyone tell you that dreaming is a waste of time... dare to dream, and dream big!
My Dream, My Wish
Some say what you dream is what you wish, subconsciously or consciously.
Another World
Sometimes I feel as if this life just isn't enough. As if there is something more, more to live... This describes my world. (Possibly because there is no political fights or high school bullies... but that's beside the point)
Distant Dream
A dream, or a vampire visitation?
Oh! What A Dream
This poem is about the power behind human dreams... It's also a poem from one of my books. All I want you to do as you read the poem is to believe you are the one and what you are reading is what you want to come true... GO DREAM...
Lovely Nightmare
This poem is about a slightly crazed person's nightmare. They start making art with their blood from their wounds.
My Dream
I wish you were here.
Kind of explanatory...
My Dreams
Save life.
Daydreaming and losing yourself in the misty memories of your loved one. .
My Dreams
About one of the dreams I have....plz comment.
I Dreamt a Dream
It describes the Illusory nature of the love we expect and raises questions such as whether Love lives in our fantasies or a part of reality.
A Dream
A description of a picture, hope you see the connection.
A poem about a boy I like.
The Sleep Angel
Sleep soundly and dream deeply and may peace and harmony enter your life forever.
This is a poem that I didn't really think about much. It should have some sort of impact, but to which it should impact you as I can not say so please comment so I can see how you understand it.
A Dream? Or A Nightmare?
A poem that I came up with one day when I was bored in class. Hope u guys like it, it is relatively new.
A Dream
Have you ever had a dream and your friend doesn't support it.
Virtual Virtue III
Our mind is a hazy beauty.
Right One
What is the right one, or right man.
Virtual Virtue II
We all have some wishes to be fulfilled in our life.
Virtual Virtue I
We all have our own world of imagination, a beautiful world of dreams.
Beach Walk
The sandcastle, water, and sun represent things in my life that I wish would improve.
Seventh Cloud
Sometimes u just wanna be happy and this is wat it's all abt, and if the happiness reaches u or not, give the reason thru comments.
I Love You (A Lost Dream)
It is all just a bunch of scattered thoughts of a shattered mind. Please read and comment.
Show Me a Dream
Comment plz. Hope you like it
My Dream
Hope for Love.
Your Falling Dream
I random poem I wrote to show this twists and turns of dreams. To show how random they can be and how quickly they can change! Please comment!
Dead Dreams
I wanted to write just because
Dream Boy
When It is No Longer a Dream...
It is what we all long to actually happen. Please comment
You're in My Dreams
I dream of you, and I'm happy the next day, no matter what i felt when I went to sleep, but...m still searching you..where are you...
Hey I don't know what I was thinking bout when I wrote this all I know is my dreams have been crushed and I don't think I can start over well hope u all like the poem I just write what I feel.
In My Dreams
I don't really have dreams like this though lol.
Am I Dreaming?
Sometimes love can get a bit lusty.
Angel of My Dreams
The love I had for my besty friend
Well I got inspired in this by a guy who's actually in my age but has knowledge that's really nice bout psychology & he can diagnose people & define them by their actions which is something really interesting for his age...so hope...
In My Dreams
Tell me what you think.
A Figment of My Imagination..
For a man who seems not to exist, and who can easily, Tear out my beating heart.
A Poem Dreaming
I wrote this poem as an assignment for my English class. I liked it, so I hope u do!
A 51 year olds Unhappy Dream
About dreams that never comes true...
A Dream of a Magical Valley
A few notes: *The word "Delphi" in the sixth stanza is supposed to be pronounced in the English manner, as "Delf-eye." * "Fey" in stanza three means magical. * "Sibyl" means prophetess. I...
The Dream
Dream about her but she'll never come true, the girl of your dreams....literally
Moon Called
This poem is inspired by a book I read about werewolves
Painfully Sweet Dreams
Warning.. has repetition of the word "shit".
Forgotten Dreams
Pessimistic realities...
Complate Dreams
Hey, don’t know if you will be able to understand…please just comment...
Never Leave Me
In a dream of mine I was begging for her not to walk away, but it was useless...
Dream Girl
My dream daughter...
If Only I Had Wings????
Dreaming and fantasizing to fight loneliness in a foreign land…
Lovers Dreams
About love and lovers...
Drowning Dreams
Poems that I wrote about my friend but kind of turned into a drowning scene. Its kind of supposed to be interpretation of her being drowned by her problems and know one is helping her but ya..
My dream girl.......
Once, when in my deepest thought...
We Can Achieve
Going after your goals...
When I dream of you......
When I lie down on my bed ...
My painful dream....
My bed and pillow will tell you about my dream...
Always, my feelings are there for you....
When I dream about you then you are there with me...
A Dream Within A Nightmare
As a child, you are told nightmares...
My endless journey.....
I am fed up with dreams of my future...
Everything, I want from you.....
Many nights, many dreams...
Dreaming of you.....
When the night comes along with cool breezes
My love and my dreams....
My love on you is full of understanding with no shy...
Oh my dream go away...
I dreamt of you so much and that's enough for...