Poems About Life

Ronan Keating's 'Life is a Rollercoaster' is a perfect portrayal of what life is. There are sunny days of happiness, there is a pall of gloom, disappointments, and frustrations. In all, life is all about wishes, hopes, and ambitions. There are some days when we have everything, and there are others which are hollow and devoid of reasons to smile, we yearn for more - things we never got, reminiscence about events gone by, and dozens of other feelings and emotions. And then there is always the joy of birth and the finality of death marking our sojourn at regular intervals. Life itself could be a beautiful poem and poems are inspired from life.
Moving Forward
Moving forward..
The End
"Everything has to come to an end, sometime." - L. Frank Baum.
Who am I? Who are We?
A reflective piece.
Words and Thoughts
Sounds like a proverb.
A short poem about truth.
Trying So Hard
I'm so tired of being tired, drained, and unmotivated.
Wish and Hope, Smile and Laugh
Wishes and hopes, smiles and laughs. The things that help to keep me on track.
Survival of the Fittest
Life in a concrete jungle.
Not Going to Give Up Just Yet
It's about all the rubbish I have gone through 9/3/17.
Shadow Break
Tired of everything in life.
"Sail Upon My Sail"
My life and how I have seen it; how I see it now.
The Search for Self!
Who am I? Where do I belong? In search of the ideal self..
Her Time
Changes, individuality, standing up, and graceful leaving.
Plug Into Your Life!
Mind freeing poem.
Life is Not Life
What is Life?
Place Your Pace
Life's pace needs a close watch to be on the right path.
The Fear I Own
This poem is how I felt after two years of staying without talking to my best friend. When I did, I decided to come up with this poem.
In the Evening...
A few verses at the evening of life.
Life is how you chose to live it, let not commerce dictate your happiness.
The Mind-numbing Boredom
Life can be very boring at times.
Maybe I'm the One to Blame
A poem about how some people can feel. If you relate, please comment. I'm always here to listen.
Beyond This Ball
There's life after death for those who choose to have while reverse is the case for the others; choose life and have it.
Strangers in Public
Stalkers in public places.
Be Humble My Soul
Envy not a soul, be humble it pays.
Welcome to Society
My first poem, enjoy.
An Agony Ingrained
Life from the inside of a bottle.
My Only Plea
I haven't been on here in so long, but I'm going to be posting a lot of poems. I've been writing over the last couple of years. Hope you like it! This poem is for anyone who feels sad or like their life isn't worth living, I hope...
Why I Befriended The Bottle
This is the last day of the year 2014, and I couldn't have lived through this year full of pain and sorrow without this friend.
Why Did He Let Me Go?
Ever came so close to death and wondered why you are still alive? Here's an experience with a close accident but death didn't take me.
Is political correctness a tool used by governments to curb the democratic right to free speech?
We always want to be someone else. We're not happy with our lives. We're too scared to be different, and too uncomfortable while aping others. What an impasse we experience.
They Did This
'I hate him. She did this to me. They all did this to me. I'm depressed, I'm dying. I can't take it anymore.' That's what we all think, but very few people can make a change, some just succumb to the pressure. Those were the only...
Words of Wisdom
The words of a dying father to his son.
Checkmate: Life
A poem of life and death.
A poem on Africa.
Live, Breathe, Cry, Laugh, and Sleep
After watching Dead Poets Society, the ideas flowed through my veins and poof. I wrote this with just one snap. Carpe diem.
How to Live
A motto I wrote on how to live.
We are Judgmental
Why are we so judgmental?
What's Life Without...
Something to ponder upon, this poem describes a fuller meaning to life.
I Made It
I've always been worried about how I would turn out. But it turns out... I made it.
Lamentations of the Aged
I had always wished for old age. Now I wish I were once a little boy.
The Samaritan
Life may be shit, but there is always something to hold on to.
Life is Short
Life is so short for us to be lazy, do evil, and worry. Enjoy life to the max once you have it.
Power in the Word of a Poet
As poets, we have the power to use words as expression, weaponry, as forms of change and influence. Let's not forget the power in our gift.
Feeling Converter
It's my first poem. Hope God listens this feelings.
The Nile River
What y'all think about this poem.
Too Much Squeezing
When we squeeze and shrink too much in order to fit the place where there is no space for us, we end up being something else than original.
Learn from Words
The poem is about life.
Defining Insanity...
Sometimes I feel like I am going insane. I have too many thoughts and they tend to run in circles. This is just an explanation of that feeling.
The Road
This poem is part of a project of mine to help children in poverty in Ghana. I have some vague ideas, but please list some more in the comments section.
Into the Void
The need to flee from life itself.
On Their Trail
For her beauty, the honorable men of the ancients fell. Why can't I also.....
Only I know what is hidden. So sad, I don't know when and how to bring it out.
Something Happened!
Something happened that I don't know about.
A Beautiful Mess
The wonders of one's soul meeting yours and creating a Beautiful Mess. This is for You, inspired by You.
A Shadow No Longer Cast
A short poem about aging.
Haunted By Thoughts of the Past
A piece describing the place where a drug addict ended up and then came to himself that life can be better if the right decisions are made. It was my truth that got me off track in life. According to my truth, was it was ok to do...
A Poem for Danny Boy
This is about a woman whose husband comes home from the war with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
It's The Way You Make Me Feel
'Get lost' is what I want to say to you! I hope you will enjoy it.
Eat Some Curry
Have a day of some R. R curry style.
The Struggle of a Never-Ending Battle
At a certain level, life sucks and makes you feel tired.
The Loss of Purity, Stained with Time
It seems me and my emotions can't find a truce.
Power of the Sun
This poem focuses on the experience of a man on a journey apparently alone and he is trying hard to deal with the elements of the Sun, and to somehow come to terms with the effects of the heat and rays. He seeks the path of his...
The world tells us that we will never achieve our dreams. It's time we should stand up and say, "Just you watch".
The Dancer
I wrote this poem for my friend, Frieda Dean, who is an excellent dancer. Frieda recently wrote to say, she was choreographing dances to my new CD, the "Unsung Songs " and I wrote her this poem in return.
Cast Your Rays, Sunshine...
Just a little harder push, and you'll be there...! Because you'll be proud of yourself. Others will surely follow you.
A tribute to Srimanta Sankardev.
I’ve Got about a Hundred Holes in my Heart
I’ve learned to leave something.
Never Give Up, Never Give In
This poem encourages the subject to keep pressing toward the goal or dream without fail. To keep the dream in mind and pursue it all the way to the end. To shut out all the negatives and to feed on the positives.
Heart Vs. Mind: Who's Right?
There will not be a single being on the earth who has conquered mind and heart together. They both stop each other at a stance. Let's know yourself through this poem.
Where are the Days?
A poem... asking what happened?
Due Man's Fight
Our struggles are meaningless...
The Old Days Of Purity
Read and see what you get from it. Thanks.
As I Lie Here Wishing
To everyone like me...
Plea to Free
Sometimes we have those moments where we feel like we are not moving forward, as if we are still in the past, still in the puddle of pain. This piece is all about how I want to break free, to learn how to be free, to feel free again.
US Visa
Since 2007 until now, I'm waiting for my employment visa in the US. I hope it will come soon.
It's All About The Money
Money is not a root of all evil things. It depends on how you utilize it. Money becomes bad when some people use it to kill other people or commit some crimes.
I'm A Filipino
I am proud to be a Filipino and even though I will be American someday. I won't forget where I came from. I will love both.
The Flames
The flame calls to me.
New World Order (No Doubt)
A little bit of a political rant.
I'm a Girl
This goes out for the male-dominated society we're living in.
Particles of Truth
Philosophically, scientific aspect of desires and emotions.
Good, Better, And Worst
You rise, and then you further rise again. But instead of rising to the apex, you find yourself at the bottom.
You're a Woman
I penned down this poem for women all around the world. They are the most beautiful creation of God.
In. . . .
For anyone who feels like this, you will know. Please feel free to give me feedback.
Burning Fire
A poem on passion...
The Sole Proprietor
At times, we may think people do not care about us, but truly all our actions are being watched and scaled by people in our societies. I hope you would find this interesting.
Live a Good Life While You Can
Life is yours and no one can tell you who you should become, and after all it is your life! Be the way you want.
Thou Shalt Not
Everybody wants to do something, but there are people who will always stop you from doing or being what you want...
Beyond The Abyss
The poem describes itself...
What They Say
This is what I've heard 'they' say... I needed a smile.
With introspection, we can vividly examine our responses.
No Lies and No Cries
Don't lie - key needs for life. It is like a token to play the game of life.
Not for Long
Unpleasant activities never remain forever.
In My Nightmare
About not knowing how to feel after a near-death experience.
I Wish I Was Still The Same Kid…
A little poem urged me to write it.
It is spirituality and what do you feel about the beauty of the one who made this world so beautiful.
Why Do People...
Sometimes, we blame others and God when things go bad. But before we start pointing fingers, make sure we look into ourselves first and we are clean. Please, read my poem. A big thanks!
The Heart of the Matter
What it all comes down to, I guess.
Just Live!
All the things life can be...
Swings, Slides and Roundabouts
The ramblings of increasing age.
Freedom is Everything
Freedom is a natural born right.
Our Nature
Innuendo anyone?
A short rant against life.
Smile Again
This poem is dedicated to all grandparents in the world, especially to my grandparents Soledad and Pacencia. I love you, Nanay Soling and Mama Loyan!
Questions Unasked
Questions, and no answers.
Path to Joy
Choices and decisions made after life-changing situations. Here's the beginning of my path to joy...
At A Stray
Refind your path.
Some Women
Thinking woman...
On This Special Day
Then comes that special day, when a lady should be treasured. To my friend, Emelda Onyeka.
Painful Words
This one isn't meant to rhyme.... It's just a bunch of thoughts. My brother tried to commit suicide, but my sister found him in time and he was rushed to the hospital. This is just a bunch of my thoughts. How I could have helped...
Is it True What They Say?
Just something I wrote when I was bored. Comments are welcome.
Life is but a Strange Illusion
How does one fulfill their destiny?
How Do We Value a Life
This is a poem inspired by a friend from work who was killed in a car accident. After the funeral, people at work were asking what is the point of life and how do we put a value on it. I believe the value in life is in trying to...
Fairytale Endings...
Fairytales make little girls believe there is more to this magical life and it ends happily, except there isn't and it doesn't... comments welcome.
Splash of Life
Joy, love and splash of colors.
Chip On My Shoulder
A political opinion of the wealth of the world as distributed in the present day.
How life is when you are hoping anyone would understand what you are going through by what they are doing.
Secret Fire
A poem about life...
I Looked the Other Way
The unconsciousness of people in this society...
I'm Being Biased... I know!!
My brain cannot exist without a happy heart, I know...
Fathomless Abyss
It speaks for itself.
Afternoon Coffee
Haven't posted in a while... Watch Your Back (WYB) coming out soon-ish. Comment please.
You are Blessed with a Life
A poem full of life...
Not The End
The year is almost done, so I decided to write a poem about it...
Twisted Utopia
We live in a twisted utopia.
I Can Only Do My Best
Things on mind...
Let Go Of Yesterday
A poem about letting go of the past.
Unknown Journey
If you're unsure, see where nature takes you.
Life is But...
A longing to be reunited with a long lost love.
It's Not Like It Was
Some things never change.
There Are So Many Things...
There are so many things that we always wish we could change.
So Short
The race of life is not a contest to be won. We do our best as mortal beings and leave the rest.
Giving in to this World of Mine
Opening up to what is going on around me... and fully being honest to what I need to be for those around me and for myself.
We're Catching Fire
We're set in our ways and we're too close to the end.
Laugh Out Loud!
There are so many people who get anxious or worried, so I created this poem as a piece of advice.
A Puzzle
Life is a puzzle. We either fail to put it together or we eventually get it right.
Urgent Need To Fly
As we near the end of our time on earth...
Tick-Tock Goes the Clock
Hope you like it.
Resigning Peter's Life
Poem about resignation (satire).
Heaven And Hell
Science verses religion. What is life?
A Search For Life
What is life, if not a spiritual adventure?
For Me
I wrote this when I was having a rough day. Just a point I'd like to make.
Life to the Fullest
Knowing when you die...
Her Life is a Song...
Music is life, without it we'd be dead...
The Dreamer
You never really want to wake up.
When I was Young...
You know it's true.
Edge of the Cliff, Before the Fall
About how happiness is deceiving...
There's more to what I am...
The First Line
I entered this into a contest and it had a limit of 20 lines. Most of my poems are well over that, so this is what I came up with. Let me know what you think.
The Grail
Searching for one's soul.
If Only Things Were Different
A poem about all the things that happens in the world and if only they could be stopped.
Your Only Chance
I don't know why I wrote this particular poem. I was sitting there listening to some songs and I started writing, maybe it makes no sense, but to me it makes total sense.
Just another try at poetry, please give feedback. A poem about embracing imperfection because imperfection makes us unique and special.
What I Want
Our dreams...
Life in Love
My first try at poetry. Please tell me what you think! A poem about the unpredictability of life and love and how fast things can change in life.
Hear My Call
A moment of confession from my heart to my life.
Passing Strangers
Is life real, or just a dream?
Forgotten People
People we bypass without a care...
From Time to Time
Life related to a clock.
I Am Invincible
You will always be Invincible.
Mouth, Heart, Hands
This was my first attempt of an emulation poem for my poetry class. I was inspired by the poet Gypsee Yo and her poem 'The Universe is a Love Poem'. She's definitely worth-checking out in my opinion.
Something Town
This poem is about the cycle of life and different perceptions of life. Every place there is a semi-colon, the line following it is a metaphorical representation of the last.
Bitter Shore
It is that feeling of loss, of the unknown being in your face yet knowing what you want. It is that feeling of Life.
Follow the crowd, sheep.
Everything's Nothing
What is out there, and how did you find it?
What am I to You?
Have you ever questioned if anyone ever truly cared about you?
Summer Sunshine
It's a hard life being an adult.
Anger and Forgiveness
Anger will destroy us if we do not forgive.
You Made Me Whole
The savior...
Wall of Lies
Lies don't make you strong.
Something is Wrong
Never lose in life... it's never the end.
To Forgive
It's been years and a dream showed me that I still hold old hurts. I'm not sure how to go about it... but I must right a wrong. I must learn to forgive, no matter how difficult. Hope you like it!
Twirl of Light and Dark
Light and Dark...
You're Not Alone
Please come here and I will help...
Never The Same
A poem I wrote out of frustration... nobody should feel like this.
A Held Back Song
My first poem on Buzzle!
Path of Choice
Making decisions is what life's all about, which is why we can't ever seem to figure out the meaning of life.
All I Want
All I want...
The Sad Truth
This poem explains that life is never perfect. You'll find yourself in difficult situations with a mixture of emotions. Emotions that we all would like to steer clear of but never can. No matter how hard we try.
The Opposite Things in Life
It is a poem that describes the opposite things that happen in life.
Take Hold
I want to take hold of my life and turn it around, so it becomes something I actually want... But my dreams stay dreams and the reality too far for my taste. :) Hope you like it!
Grand Endowment
Life is a gift, bask in its glory.
When in life we lose to realize it's just a new beginning.
The Shrieking Ship
A short poem about a person's life going down but with a representation of a ship. Hope you like it.
Lost Vivacity
It is long since I lost it...
Story of Life
My summing of life.
Battlefield of Words
Is life ever just straight up honesty? I was at a wedding and started thinking how people act... how they lie, how they brag, how they just love to appear better... and it's not just at weddings... it's also in the hallways of any...
Life is Not Always Easy
My life and my reactions to it.
Live for the Moment
Live for the Moment...
How do Dreams Come True
Dreams do come true.
Happy in My Skin
Allow yourself to shine.
Here I Am
We all have ups and downs, but it's what inside us that defines our ability to bounce back and be the best we can be.
Lost in Life
Lost in Life...
The Colors of Life
I wrote this last year. Please comment!
This is World We Live In
I wrote a poem about what our world became.
Life Makes You Think...
This is just a little "Inspirational" poem about life.
I was Lost and Found
I got consumed by addiction, it was in the blink of an eye, in a matter of months, I was lost, and now it's all over with...
Some wars are started within yourself.
Something's Always There for You
Even when people may not be just fly, I wrote this kinda in a song way? So the "there for you's" might seem annoying, but hey, I like it.
Spend my Life Away
I'm not emo!! I SWEAR! But I do have emo thoughts.... like everyone else (I HOPE!)!!!! Hope you like it!!!
Something to Talk About...
Thoughts that come to my mind as I see how we people forget to dream.
Life Is Funny, Isn't It?
Life is a funny thing. And over the years, many people find that out.
Remember Life Goes On!
Most beautiful words ever.
Stand up tall like a pillar.
Open Your Eyes to a New
Just a poem I had fun writing about stuff...
Society's Misfits
So, beggars can't be choosers?... it's a hard life in modern society.
I wrote this because I am a shy person, that I have always been scared to be myself, cause I'm scared if people won't like me. I think there are a lot of people that can relate to this.
How do you look at different situations? What's your way to deal with different things?
The Time
Let's go back to the time when we were humans and we had a heart!
Let's Sing
A song that I wrote, give it your own music and enjoy.
Life's Beautiful
Choices can make you one among many or strikingly different. You are what you choose to be. Choose to be happy, hopeful and you'll realize life is beautiful.
Lonely Day
It is a poem about life.
Our Fears
What really is the cause of people failing in life. The answer to that is nothing but FEAR. People are afraid of doing what they can.
Techno Tyrant
Modern technology is not all goody, goody.......
Perfect World
Life is not like the perfect world.
Dark Life
It is a poem about life and death.
Money Can't Buy You Happiness
Money can't buy you everything, that what it's about - please comment!
*2012 - End of Life?*
What if the world's really coming to and end? What can make god change his mind? Maybe the answer is here.
Little Things
The things which seem so little are in fact, the most important ones.
Wanna know what life is? Read and comment.
Are you livin' in darkness? Read this and bring light back to your life.
Life is Nothing but a Game
I don't know how to describe a poem -.-' so just read :)
Life As We Know It
Itz just something I thought of.
Bee and Ant Never Repent
Its good to be busy has been presented in thoughts by me ....
"Life Goes On" Does It
I'm tired of hearing that phrase..Read if u like it comment it if u don't oh well..
Life is What It Is
This is what life really is... Its either this or that.
Last Day on Earth
What if today was your last day on earth....do tell.
Rest in peace, you will be missed greatly.
Lose Yourself
I wrote what was on my time at the moment. Feel free to comment.
It is a poem about life.
Mirror of Life
A poem about life survey.
An Ideal World?
Life is merely the illusion of existence. It can come and go in a moment of thought, and be lost forever like a fading dream, as it drifts away from us with the passing of time. Why strive to be unique when we all end up in the...
Life's Like That
A poem on some of my experiences in life... a life hard to lead.
Phases of Life
It's all about the tides that change ones life from one phase to the other. Written after I found myself in the world of deep thoughts about life and its existence.
This just shows I think too much when I'm bored lol comment plz and tell me what u think.
A poem about life's depravity. There are no glass slippers in this one!
My Life (Welcome to my Life)
This poem talks about my own life experience. Talks about how you may be feeling also. After the loss of someone you love everything changes.
If Only
Basically, this poem is about wishing life were a dream and everything you hoped was real.
Life is Too Short - Poem
Life is too short and writing quotes or sayings won't change it at all. Life is too short may be to write poems or even a song, let's start with a haiku and words will come along!
Apprciate What You Got
I wrote this I hadda perform it for my class :O it was scary haha.
A Sonnet: Battle for Life
Our life is full of struggle. But actually, this struggle keeps us strong and content.
Living life to the fullest every day.
Art Evermore
A sonnet about life and art.
Just About Me
This is me.
Game Over!
Our life is full of suspense, joy, successes and failures. But it all ends when the dark grave becomes our forever residence.
The Pain
Just something that I came up with one day when I was bored.
Another short poem about death. (God I'm morbid).
Life to Behold
Life is...
Life Goes on...
The mysteries of life are never solved until we seek their answers inside... deep within... Till then... life goes on...
This Book Of Life
How Life Treats people differently...
Just When
Just when...
My Life's Cure...
Life's Journey.
Make Life Profound
Reflecting back on the way I have hidden my desires and abilities from the world; Now arises a time of confidence, and determination to make my life what it can and will be; Profound.
My Life's Changed
Things are great!
This poem is a realization of the struggles of life...
Life's So Strange
^^^^^title says all..pls comment.
Main Stream, a Life You Chose to Waste
Be what you need to be, not what they want to see. Starting off young, being pressured to follow main stream looks. Crooks, they spoiled the unique looks.
My Life
My life is almost over...
Kiss of Life!!
In this world of betrayal and hatred, and our daily chores taking charge over us, this is a small poem to help improve humanity and love amongst ourselves. Kiss, being the most formal gesture to portray love and affection, should...
Pure Life
Well this might be not really nice!! But I had to write it to get my feelings out so I dunno if You actually will understand it bs hope you'll do.
Life Line
Comment please!!!!!!!!! (Not a true story)
Better to Learn
Some truths of life that you need to accept...
Change Is A Sign Of Life
To ripple on eternally is the nature of the brook and to revel in the moment is the moth's true prayer. Each one of us must ebb and rise in the tide of life. There is no wave that doesn't oscillate between the azure womb and shore...
Colors of Life
We are truly a rich lot. Colors abound our understanding and vision. When the 'golden seven' combine, you get the promise of a new day. The inanimate consistently empowers our existence with rich combinations. We too need to...
Happy Life!
Life - the way we take it.
Life Stages..
All the different things we experience in one stage in our lives or another..
Life is PAIN...
Live life don't let life to live you
Best Friend For Life
I am soon to be leaving my school, my friend will be going into College and I am Stuck on what to do. Before I left to pursue my own life I wanted to show my friends how much they mean to me so here is the tribute :D
Lost of life.....
When the faith is lost in the heaven...
Little poem/song I wrote. Different genre of what I normally write but then again new possibilities lead to new chapters in people's lives :)
Life is Reality
Kind of optimistic.. kinda....
Grass Looks Greener On The Other Side
"So unfair", is a consistent cry. Others always seem happier than we are. But look deeper and you will see how blessed you really are...
Saga of Life......
Read this poem to beat the stress out.
Life As a Murderer
Just read :D
Life And It's Game
Game of Life
It's talking about how life sometimes can be to overwhelming and you commit suicide, and you ask yourself who really committed the murder…
My Love Life Is Done [Sonnet]
Why is this happening to me ...... ??
My Life
Being with your true love, waiting until the right time.
Can't Remember
About life and death...
Baby’s First Life
It brings tears to my eyes to know that you are mine…
Our Life
Hope you gonna like it guys...
The Loss Of Life
I was replaced, in the midst of all the commotion I feel completely still. I feel at ease, yet so anxious. I don't know what to feel or what to say.
Draw A Picture Of My Life
Some time hurt makes you think this way…
Cleverness Galore!!!
Accept life with its plus and minus.........
This Is About Life
Live laugh and love...
What Is This Life For
About giving up on life and not caring about nothing...
The Thrill
Lost in life and enjoy death...
If Life Was
Problems with life and the world...
Where Are You
Life's suck and then some...
What Did I Really See
Life's journey...
Smothering Drudgery
Monotonous is this mundane life........
Phases And Faces, Most Welcome!
Accepting life in whichever form....................
Passed Me By
About life passing you by...
I'm Weird So True So True
About life, crazy plans for us in poem writing...
Where Are We Now
About life in general...
Eternal Night, my soul of life
Something i wrote during school...
Death, The End
It is the truth of life…
I Quit And Get A Life
When pushed too far...
My painful life.....
There are days, in my life was filled with emptiness...
Life without God's love.........
Our God knows what's best for us...
The Unseen
Problems we face...
What's This Life For
Life and things to do with it...
Guess Who
About life problems...
Life Sucks Big Time
About life....
Life Too Short
Why we should all try to live...
Different people...
Do You Believe?
In the end all that matters is whether you believe or not; is there something in life to strive for or not? But now it's time to ask yourself: Should I or should I not run this knife across my wrist?
LIFE AND LIVING, can they be separated?
A Healing Heart
I wrote this poem when I finally found the love of my life after feeling that there was no chance for my heart to love again. I wrote it for my lover in order to tell him how I felt.
Ended Life
had a dream about dying, prompted this thing
A man joining those who lurk in an empty void; sinners who take their own life and yearn to be whole again, beckoning for others to join the silence.....
The Piercing Sound Of A Ignorant Bell
A very happy point in my life.
Is One Worthy?
I had a lot of good in my life, but about a month after I had written this...as I predicted...I messed it all up.
I'm Gone
Life is crap......
The Release
The pain of the life being sucked out of you...
For The Rest Of My Life
Have you ever been looked down on and labeled the freak - well I have so here’s just a little something I did (JUST a bit bored but still tell me what you think)
The spiral of my life that I am continually caught in. Let me know what you think.
The Natural Order Of Life
It’s a poem about my grand-uncle that passed away 2 months ago, may he rest in peace…
Remembering My Final Thoughts
To remember ones life and how poor it is. This is how I dealt with it but it didn't work.
Because, there is no life without you..............
I am writing this poem to you with my deep love...
Let life take its stride...
A Broken Heart
Betrayal at its horrid best. Throwing a perfect life askew and twisting it around.... Pain in its purest form....
Because, Music Is My Eternal Life......
When there is a song about love...
Blunder is committed. Now rise up and become strong to walk further in life. Bury the past and start afresh.
My Book
A human life's portrayal.
Physics and Psychology!!!!
How life connects physics and psychology??!!
Handle life well...
Slides Of Our Life
A simple narration...
Plastic Money
How it spoils you. Leaves no stone unturned in making you a pauper, almost.... wake up on time and protect your account from this virus!
Torments in Life
Some of the questions racing inside my head.
Hate For Life
Nothing new...this is an original...
Pain In Life
This is about life 4 me...
Dead Life
Just something that popped up in my mind I guess...
A chance to come back to life…
It's Fragile
Life - It's here today...
Watching experiences in life take form.