Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. - Khalil Gibran

When words and rhyme indulge in a rhythmic dance of expression, poetry is born. Poetry is the passionate celebration of language where a poet says a world using very few words. And it is this brevity associated with poems that facilitates a poet to impregnate every poetic strain with layers and imbue his piece with depth and meaning that then becomes entitled to varied interpretations. So be it inspired by real life or a figment of someone's imagination, be it the narration of tragedy or a jubilant elicitation of joy, poetry is and will continue to be a rhythmic game played using language to touch a chord deep within.
Just something from a college writing workshop.
Alcoholics Anonymous
Just something from my class last semester.
Confused Consternation
Gender confusion.
Theresa's Boudoir
Tongue in cheek politics here. Or the crap side of Brexit...
The niggling regrets of a lost romance.
Dedicated to all the children of hoarders.
Passing into adulthood.
Black-Eyed Children
This poem explores the urban legend of the black-eyed children.
Man's Beloved Shoe
A silly poem about a man who loves his shoe to death.
Porcelain Doll
She is a pretty little doll.
Little Miss Chatterbox
Why the sudden silence, Little Miss Chatterbox?
Flying Stop...
It's to do with a train journey I took....
Sometimes It Snows in April
Hope you like this poem.
Like Father, Like Son
I wanted to write a short story about this, but I decided to turn it into a poem instead.
Dark Lady
Woman of the Night... Dancer of the limelight... Glass frames ignite.
King of Smiles
Tired of being bullied? Yea?? Well, you gonna love this, it's 2018 the year of NO BULLY, WHO'S WITH ME!! 2k18 Bully Exterminator Plan in full effect, show your support and love guys, and help us end bullying this year.
Believe Again
I refuse to give up. I believe somewhere out there, there is that perfect girl for me...
Herd Thinking
What's the truth?
One and the Other
Which one are you?
Take a friend where you can find one.
The Marionette
Kristy Sanders here (author of Triple Drama). Lately, I've taken interest in writing poetry which isn't actually poetry in the truest sense (lol) but here you go!
A contemporary view of the digital era.
What little is left?
Underground Search
I have had cults following me and they hide under residences I live in and also in attics they threaten people and hold hostages.
Hope you like this poem.
The Night He Died
Just a random poem.
White or Black, We are Still the Same
From the same soil, God created black and white, but they were the same.
A Love So Wrong
Loving the wrong way.
Recession: A National Predicament
The state of a nation.
God Over Everything
A lil bit spiritual.
Imaginative comic.
Go Outside
Sisters in Hell
Why do you hate me so much, sister?
Lost Numbers
A view on society in today's day and age. I would like to thank my readers and commenters as this one is for you.
Domestic violence has no excuse!
Burning my Thoughts
Hope you like my poem.
I Still Will Write
A writer is a writer even after this life.
Poetry Slam
Questions... Truth... Sheeple...
Pain and Sorrow
Just a poem I made on my way to school 12/7/16.
Thatcher's Disease
Brexit is real, yet I don't see those in power bringing any benefit to our nation.
My revision poem for English. Gotta love Macbeth!
Thoughts Aloud
My thoughts on th 14/6/16.
When I Smile...
These are reasons behind my smile...
Ultimate Revision Roast
Title says it all.
How Big is Your God?
My God is immeasurable, invincible; the Ancient of days.
Overwhelming Poetry
My love for poetry!
God Promise
No one, not even me but God alone shall close the holes in your heart ANNA.
You Can Never Run
The things we do will always follow us.
Emotion of Mine
This poem is dedicated to my Cousin Josephine Akulang Abalang.
My Own God!
The only God you need is You!
Two Conversations
When love becomes selfishly boring.
I Am Fine...
Three words... describes more than the words itself...
My Best Friend Kay
In dedication to my best friend, it might be a little... Korny. Awkward, you probably wouldn't understand it well. Kay.
Nostalgic Fool
Fear... Hope.
Plead to My Child and Our Earth
Pledge to the unborn children of Human race in distant future ahead us and all habitat creatures existing. A pledge to Our Mother Earth, we shall strive to protect her and together be the Guardians of Natural Beauty. The Future...
Not I
Hope you like my poem.
Carry Go!
On the vehicle to heaven, our plate number should always read CARRY GO! Inspired by God through Jaymikee's song titled 'CARRY GO'.
Beyond me, something made me feel this way.
Let Me Know
When things we do for fun begins to haunt.
A Sense of Nothingness
The title tells it all.
How Would I Know?
Self-esteem, love, and you.
Please Let Me
It's still about you.
In Between the Pauses
Rules for making what you have to say worth people's time.
Banner Call
Mr. Cameron pledged new laws to curb the unions and render socialism obsolete... Why let the vulture pick from your corpse?
A Novel World
One of my best friends is moving across the country and she thinks it'll be a positive experience, for the wrong reasons. I want her to know that moving won't solve her problems; I want her to know I'll miss her.
On Everything This Isn't
Reflections on a relationship with a recent crush.
That's Me Within
This poem is about 'that someone' who changed my life forever... Who's that someone? Well, find out.
Everything Will Be Alright
Happiness is always in your hands...
Stress - A Walk-through
Life has a meaning, which when discovered, is easy to soar. But rough times make us fumble and tumble, that's the time you are tested. These tests get in a lot of stress, but you should not forget... He will keep you away from all...
Lost in the Valley of Silence
A poem crafted from a real-life situation of an old lady struggling with her last breath for over a year.
Those Were the Days
If only time stood still...
Sometimes the knockout punch, is actually a push in the right direction...
Crossing Bridges of Time
Tintinnabulations of a lonely heart...
Before You Leave
Dedicated to all those who are afraid of commitment.
Man in Uniform
Dedicated to all the girls who are dating men in uniform.
Baptism By Fire
Summing it all up...
A Change is a Must
When you find yourself sad for going with the flow that takes you somewhere you don't want to go... You feel a change is a must. A change within you, a change from mind to soul to get back your individualism.
Let Things Happen
Give in to serendipity...
The World Within
The power of man where he conjures a world within another...
The Days of Yesteryears!
A few lines - recalled much too late - appreciating the carefree days of youth!
Yes it was Me...
A soul seeking forgiveness to soothe the pain within.
Proverbial End
Reflections on the concept of life and the dreaded end, which is just a proverbial end, and one that is never realized, unless it all really ends...
I Make a Part of You
Even though multitude of things separate people all across the world, paradoxically we all are connected at the same level. There are in fact no boundaries of separation in human consciousness. At some level, I make a part of you...
Faith Is
What faith is to me...
What Does True Love Feel Like
A poem as a tribute to God's love that leaves me spellbound every time I think about it...
Happy Singles' Awareness Day!
An acrostic piece of poetry on the occasion of Singles' Appreciation Day. Let's be our own valentine.
I am You
A poem, inspired by Rumi...
Know Thy Bane
Our age-old enemy, the ego...
Use and Throw
How the world works..
Look Within
Look within... all answers lie in there...
Sum of Moments
Discovering the flow of beautiful moments, that is life...
It's an Itch
Humans have this tendency to hold on to sad things. For some people, there is an almost masochistic pleasure in harboring and fueling the negativity of certain things, especially heartbreaks. Here's what I have to say about it -...
Truth and nothing other than the truth...
Beyond Fear
Don't give up, even when you want the impossible to happen 'coz if you have the patience and the perseverance, it might just happen...
Past Paramour
Every woman should know when to try hard, and when to walk away...
Patience My Love
It's all about patience...
Whatever Will Be, Will Be
When love makes you feel confused or starts to lose its strength and faith in itself, sometimes, all you can do is let go and wait to see what happens...
When Heroes Fall
What it's like, seeing your heroes, your idols fall...
The Besieged Warrior
True love is an indefinable entity... An entity a few may discover and keep for keeps. But when love turns ugly, it is the only entity that turns definable...
A Daughter's Thought...
A state of topsy-turvydom in my mind....
Diary of Wanderlust - Me Against Myself
A glimpse of a few things that cross my mind, when I seek solitude and silence..
Diary of Wanderlust - Crying Out For Freedom
It's a song I have been working on... Another addition in the diary of Wanderlust... Hope you enjoy it, take a second and associate with it, and given a chance, get back with your own thoughts on it...
Love, I Think Not
Love and obsession are divided by a thin line. It is important to make out the difference at the right time and save yourself from an emotional doom.
Break Free
What it would be like to be truly free...
Do You Know Why...?
Cute, obedient, delicate, shy, modest... next time any of you ladies get any of these compliments, remember, there are two sides to all coins... and allusions.
Dark Shadows
Is there a time when you want to hide from yourself? Detach from the world of emotions and break away? One such moment is portrayed below…
Why Do I Have to Survive?
A few questions resonating in my mind...
Unfair Life
The demise of a loved one leaves nothing to speak or explain. The aching heart and tormented mind put forth only one logical conclusion, in deep silence and angst - it is an unfair life, indeed.
Silent Torment
The silent torment of love lost..
The Ultimate Aim
The key to everlasting happiness - emotional independence.
Siege Within
A stream of thought poetry that mulls over the mind and harnesses the heart. Does peril lead to conflict or conflicts lead to peril? ...
The Great Conjurer
An appreciation of the ultimate illusionist, our mind...
All It Takes...
When Albert Einstein said, "learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow", I don't think he really understood the power behind those words. If he did, he just added to the genius. The poem below, will tell you...
The Unsaid
Some things are best left unsaid...
What It Takes to Be a Lover
To be a lover, it takes more than just love in the air and a hush-hush in your heart...
Dreams Shattered...
The city of Mumbai, India has again been hit by a series of bomb blasts... anger, sadness and a lot of questions remain to be answered... as our hearts go out to those who lost their friends and family members...
I Am Here
Someone who truly cares for you, might be sitting right next to you, and you may not realize it.
My Bad
This is dedicated to You!
Office Blues!!
Yeah! We all get stuck with doing something we don't like. Sometimes only because it's conventional to do so. Try breaking free, you might just end up living your dream.
My Feeling - Happiness
Here is a poem where my feeling, my happiness is expressed. This is a sincere pray to God to keep it all life through...
The sinking feeling..
Musings........ the offspring of idle moments
Nothing To Do
A few lines when I had just enough time to do 'nothing'.....
Been Too Long
A little something for those times when you think that things are going wrong, and you have no clue to what happened, but you just want things to be right again...
Never Again
Hurt. .Disappointment. .depression. .detachment. .perception of self. .realization. .freedom.
The Liberating Bullet
To the merciful liberating bullet..
Is There No Way Out of Here?
There is no way out..
I am an Insomniac
I have written whatever was on my mind at that point of time, that's how I will describe this...
I Often Wonder
This is a poem where I often wonder, what would life be if it was not the way it is. I myself found the answer when I actually was done with this poem.
A Reason to Go On..
The importance of not taking life too seriously. .
Disillusioned as could be...
Ah Creativity
A yearning of an artist who has run out of ideas. . feeling betrayed by the driving force of creativity.
Love Strange Love
Almost everyone must have been in love, strange love, and many must have been having a crush too. But my friends there's a short message in this poem just for you.
The Unseen
Finding the unseen...
Elusive Happiness
About the difficulty in finding happiness. .
Love Dilemma
Is it better to suffer silently in love or express it?
Walking a Tightrope
While walking on the tightrope of life, we seldom miss the real moment; either crying on the past or musing over the unknown future. Living in the present, is what we need to learn.
Waiting for Something Beautiful
Hope is what everyone bears in mind while awaiting something new in their lives. But while waiting for something beautiful, they often build castles in the air that fumble, realizing their hearts to be broken. I assure that you...
The Lost Art of the Sonnet
Poetry has fallen into disfavor in contemporary culture, replaced largely by song lyrics, but lyrics, and even free verse poetry, will never replace the beauty and sophistication of the Shakespearean sonnet.
Back To School
After the Christmas and the New Year, going back to school and studying is the last thing on kids' mind...here are a few lines regarding the necessity of studying in today's world...
All For The Best
Though it seems really hard to believe, the saying all for the best is usually true, and oftentimes we realize this only after a significant amount of time!
Diverging Paths
A complicated relationship of one of my friends, made me think deeply about the whole issue. Putting myself in his shoes, my heart found its way through this poem....
A Fleeting Desire
Few lines that flashed through me while I was working. Penned them down, to give them more voice. Call it a poem or just few lines, it came from the heart...
Forest Fire
Though this is the time of rains and flash floods, the poet would like to pay homage to all those lovely wildlife that was killed during the forest fires in the scorching summers of recent years.
The Old Hag
This poem is a celebration of life beyond compare. The old hag is the main antagonist of the following narrative.
The End of August
A personal memory...
Tiny Speckles & Squiggly Lines...
A small poem I wrote when I had an acute attack of eye floaters...
Is She With Me?
He lost his wife few days ago. On the way back from office, they used to meet midway. That day she took the bus but never returned. Today, he still feels her presence around thinking "is she still with me??"
Happiness that I Know
Happiness! Happiness that I know, is what everyone craves for all their life, struggling through all odds. But we often forget that when we become a reason for someone's happiness, it gives us double happiness. Here's the happiness...
Love Memories
Love memories are what we cherish and always bear a smile when we think of. Reading this poem on Love Memories I am sure you too will recollect some of your own fun times that you spent with your loved ones sometime...
Truth or What?
Do you believe...
Haiku - Insecurity
An acquaintances' closed one's departure made him quite insecure. A short Haiku that expresses the agony..
Haiku - Duality
A haiku to express a figment from my imagination...
Haiku - Memories
Haiku poems express everything in few lines. Here is a Haiku that expresses the association and departure of closed one...
Haiku - Expectations
Hopes and expectations are inseparably intertwined. Expectations give rise to hope and hope gives rise to expectations. Both, invariably determine our life and both are momentary and yet everlasting. Quite paradoxical, indeed. A...
Haiku - Stillness
Some life moments expressed through Haiku...
Cup of Tea - Poverty
Today I would like you to taste the 'poverty' flavored cup of tea. We all know and understand what is poverty but often fail to offer help. This is my cup of tea of poverty, you could say 'a small trailer from a big movie...'
Cup of Tea - Terrorism
'Terrorism' is the flavor of my 'Cup of Tea' today, to storm up brains, against the ill things going on by our side. A little drop to share before you glare. If you are ready to dare, things like these would definitely turn rare!!!
Let's Make a New Start
To every living soul in this World, Let's Make a New Start is the Word. Meaning of which is deep, I guess you would like to peep...
Haiku - Thoughts
A state of existence expressed through my thoughts...
The Dreams I Had Seen
A short poem to express my feeling about 'The Dreams I had Seen'...
The mind games, which take us along untrodden paths and towards amazing destinations!
Colors of Life: It's Beautiful
Life is made up of colors...
A little on our desires and dreams...
Haiku - Human Potential
Inherently born blessed, humans tend to get lost in the hum drum affairs of life. The real potential however, remains in the heart, just like a seed has the potential, every human being has the inherent power to bloom. This Haiku...
Love isn't necessarily what occurs between a man and a woman. It can be of any kind, with anyone.
Plead for Life
It becomes very difficult to see your loved one in the last stages of life. Sometimes, you really wish you could give her some happiness that she deserves. But unfortunately, time keeps ticking! Each day a pray we make, give a new...
What's the Use
This is what I feel about life. What will we do with all that we desire, but we still do. Whatever we long for will they be thereafter we are no more?
Just for the Sake of It!
Something I'd thought would be interesting.
Jack is Back
Yes, he is back...
Poem About Friendship and Love
This poem on love and friendship lives on the edge of friendship and love, expressing the space between winning a relationship or being left alone.
Poem on Freedom of Expression
Here's a poem on freedom of expression that needs no description. Expressions getting buried due to aggression by the hands of obsession.
Reads ons.
Lost Words
There are many times, when one finds it difficult to express feelings in a jumble of meaningful words. For a professed writer, it could be what is commonly called a 'writer's block'; but for others it can be... well, even...
Me, Raksha and My Wimpy Coffee
Dedicated to my two best friends... takeaway coffee from Wimpy's (fast food chain) and Raksha Pahlad (my soulmate).
They Keep Coming Back...
The memories of a beloved never erase from our minds...They are meant to be remembered and cherished!
Random Rhyming Recession Rants
Here are a few hoedown type of funny recession rants.
Hate to Love
Hate and Love are two very strong emotions, here I have described a heart full of hate wanting love but fails.
Attitude of Gratitude
For some people, a word of appreciation, for what they do, does make a huge difference and provides tons of happiness. This poem, 'Attitude of Gratitude', is for all those people with attitude, who unexpectedly got everything they...
Once Upon a Dream
Here is a small octet written by me. It is based on a very, very special and memorable phase of my life and one which shall remain close to my heart forever and for always.
Being a Child Again!
Every age has its shades of glory, grace and grimace... These tints are difficult (although, not impossible), to be understood by others who aren't sailing in the same boat.
Come Back Son
Here I have shown grief of a mother who lost her son.
The Mental Dental Viva
A funny look at how crazy answers can get in a viva...
Still There...
A stream from the river of my emotions that often meanders in the search of a lost entity, finally, after being exhausted from the search, finds solace by expressing its pent up feelings in the tides of a poem.
Thou Shalt Not Scorn!
Thou shalt not scorn 'cos you reap what you sow!
The One Who Loves You
It is a poem about a boy, a girl and their love, which is no more left in between the two. Though the boy still loves her very much and will continue loving her as if never been hurt...
All About 'Mr. C'
The present poem is a funny imagery about 'Mr. C', the 3rd alphabet in the English. The poem is an amalgamation of personification and repetition that conveys a deeper meaning to the poem. It is a fictitious poem that illustrates...
I am Me
Just me...
Writer Quotes
A 'funny' species... Homo sapiens scriptor!!!
You were My Destiny
It is about pain of losing someone very close.
I'm Only Human
Cats have a mind of their own. These intelligent creatures are proud and arrogant. Yet, they are the most amusing and loving pets. Once an owner of a cat, you have to bow down to the wimps and fancies of His/Her Majesty!!
Endless Awaiting
Not everyone receives what they deserve from life. Here is one such expression of a soul who awaits peace in life.
Tears: A Silent Expression
Tears are a symbol of unspoken love, contrary to the belief that they are a sign of weakness. Read a thought from my tears...
A Lonely Loner
A musing of a friend whose life changed after the departure of his beloved.
I Wait for You Everyday. . .
It is about waiting for that special someone in your life. . .
Feeling of Helplessness - Helplessly in Love
This is a narrative poetry about a person entangled in love, where another person who himself is in a feeling of helplessness has helped find the lost love. 'Helplessly in love' the writer learns a new way to live his life in the...
You're Never Alone
Here's a poem for all those weak people, who always feel that there is no one to love them or help them in their difficult times. But there is always someone close to you and you just need to take a look, to find the special one...
Fantasy or Dream!
A rambling that will help you identify, adhere and be content with YOUR definition of comfort zones...
The Poverty He Fears
This is a poem for all those individuals who try their best, but never get out of 'POVERTY'. I have written this poem to express my agony on 'The Abject Poverty' of such individuals. As we live our lives happily, we tend to forget...
Dark Mundane Night
This genteel expression is relevant to urban life and speaks upon the mundane lineament of the night after daytime.
Discomfort Zone
Some thoughts on discomfort zone that portray its quicksilver character and liveliness.
Child at Heart
In the struggle of life, one loses as well gains a lot. However, one shouldn't lose a precious thing, innocence. For all those who have kept the child in their hearts alive...
Eyes form the complex optical system that aids visual perception. They understand colors, interpret dimensions and perceive emotions. They give us the 'vision' and the insight of life.
Comfort Zone
A mentation on the comfort zone portraying its illusion as well as reality...
Girl in My Life
In life, we are always asked to compromise. But if it's compromise over love, then what's the meaning of life. Life turns out to be so plain. This poem is about the girl I met, and we both wanted to start a new life, but the...
Too Much
As twisted and mysterious as it can get, the mind is a funny thing. It takes us along unknown paths and uncharted territories. It's fun to enjoy the different colors of the mind.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack
A humorous one for a friend....go buddy :)
Yonder Dingy Night
Perception is becoming aware of something with the help of our five senses. This poesy is an interpretation of a dark night...
Most of us are waiting for things to happen to us, little do we realize that we are the ones that should make things happen and should not spend time waiting for things to happen.
I am in Heaven as I am With You
The reasons behind loving someone extremely, is a secret - many people don't understand as to, why it hurts to stay apart. Love is not just playing around, there's something more to it, which reminds me the first blush on her face,...
This is a poetry dedicated to my family - especially my dad. Dad, I know distance separates us now, but I know time will keep reuniting us. Awaiting that time. Missing you and Loving you, some more each day.
Desire To Justify Existence
An innate desire of my heart and mind, to acquire a dynamic equilibrium in life.
The story of an entrapment....
Fresh Air!
Pollution in the world today has reached alarming levels, and we need to soon do something about it....as the age old adage goes 'charity starts at home'......do your bit people.......
The Infinity
This is a poem I thought when I was just thinking about how I felt when I went to Mumbai and visited the Bandra bandstand, which is a beautiful place to sit. The boundless ocean completely soothes your frayed nerves and you can sit...
Some relationships are intoxicating. They grow on you... The trick is to not fall for obsession. The trick is to take a step back and let the chips fall where they may. It is definitely more fun to view the after-effects from afar...
The Last Thing
A poetry that is very close to my heart. It was written at a point of regret that everyone goes through at some or the other point in their lives.
And He Didn't Recognize My Voice
I called out to him, and called again. I stopped calling when I realized that he didn't recognize my voice. And that's when I realized, I should let go. Here's my take on - 'How to know when to let go'.
!!Lovely Memories!!
Life is short, make nice memories, get some time to visit them, enjoy them, re-LIVE them in the mind, get happy and smile!! Life moves, memories remain!!
Four Lines
The rambling thoughts of a person (read:me) told to write a poem in four lines.........beats the purpose I know, but just thought I'd share.......
Agony and Bliss
A 'soul' awaiting to meet his 'creator' is tired of his HIS wait. One fine day, it dawns on the soul, the truth about his soul and life.
What does God think about his adobe? Does he ever get bored of what we call perfection...
Skeleton in the Closet!
We are so often wondering about what other people are thinking and doing, that we don't bother about being happy about what we have. Everyone loves to gossip about others and put them down......
No Time At All
Something to tell that if we don't make time for leisure, there will never be time. We are so busy caught up in things that we never find the time to do anything, nor do we consciously make the effort to find time........
I Long to be Free
For the child in us, so we may never forget that we were once children and the simple things we enjoyed then are much better than the expensive things we work for today.......
The Dirty Sidewalk
A reminder for us not to litter.......far too many of us do not bother about the consequences of littering, nor do we care who is left to clean up after us......
A Holiday!
Take time off your hectic schedule to just sit back and enjoy. Go for a vacation, which, in today's world is becoming increasingly difficult to take.......
Grass is Greener on the Other Side
Just some thoughts on how we seem to think that the grass is always greener on the other side, and are never happy with what we are doing.....
A New Career
Life sometimes, incorrectly, makes it seem what others are doing is easier, and better than what we are doing......
Pursuing My Inner Self
In the pursuit of my dreams, I discovered my own self. During this journey did I realize that I had so much to say to my heart! Here's what I said...
The Long Walk Home
Life has become so hectic that we barely have time to do things like visit the park or just go for a walk. Just something to remind us that nature us beautiful when we take the time to really stop and look...
Time Off
It is important to turn within and question priorities. In an inkling the moment is lost forever. There is no scope to undo or retrace your steps. So why not walk into the sunset in the light of knowledge...
A New Day
A little something to highlight the importance of praying in our life.
Hustle and Bustle
A few lines to help us remember that we need to take the time to thank God for the simple things in life......
The Journey of Life
Life is an amazing journey but many a time man wades through life and forgets to experience it. When we are young we long to grow up and take charge of life. In our middle age we are preoccupied with what we consider important....
Resolution Time
Every day is New Year's Day and every moment a new beginning. Lets stop looking for excuses and live in the glory of each second awarded to a blessed life. It is never to late to turn around and correct...
A Toast To The Master
Reflect and interrogate human existence. We are so full of ourselves, that one glance at what lies beyond, dwarfs our being to a point of nothingness. How great must the master be...
Within and Without
There is no reward or punishment in life...only consequences. The wonders that surround you in the physical world spring from the recesses of your intellect. You are a treasure-house of power and potential. Turn within...
There Is A Child In You
Notice how children are simply the purest part of you. Turning back to child-like innocence is the answer to all our woes. There is a broad chasm between 'childish' and 'child-like'. Explore...
Crimson Beginnings
Each dawn ushers in a new chance in life. You get to undo all that hurts and create a new mould with refreshed palms. Rejuvenated with energized ray, the sun symbolizes His promise of eternal life...
Life Destiny
As it is written, " If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands, I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit. . . and you will eat all the...
Kingdom of Light
As I march by the meadows of love and glades of pain, I rest in the bliss of homecoming. In the soothing cool waters of His love, I rest all life's turmoils. Prayer is the boat I claim to keep afloat...
My Space
Each one of us should define a comfort zone that is both, hidden and inspiring. It is in this space that real prayer unfolds and dreams are realized. Find your own treasure cove today...
Love Destiny
There are many things that are already planned for us. But, when we go through hardships, we tend to lose hope and we forget the positive moral behind it. Always Remember... "For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake...
Spring Magic
The magic of spring accompanies the incessant chirping of birds and the sight of blossoming bark. It is a time designed by nature to remind us of the miracles all around – in every wild flower and the crisp air...
Autumn Glory
Filled with the surprises of Halloween and juicy marshmallows, autumn is the time to reflect and take time off from routine and rust. Refresh your soul and dunk in autumn glory.
Born Free
Everyone has the right to live free. We are all born free, with the inheritance of the land and waters around. Let us live life as it is meant to be lived and not in false supremacy earned from dubious conduct.
Chocolate Bunnies and Treasure Hunts
Easter is the time for renewal - of spirit and faith. It ushers in a vision of his omniscient presence in our lives. Easter lilies, eggs and the dear Easter Bunny are part of earthly celebrations that reflect the joy of forgiveness.
That You May Color: Yin and Yang
The opposites exist that we may learn and appreciate the dualities of life. One cannot exist independently from the other; and together, they offer us a canvas to add a splash of life...
Inspirational Mother-Daughter Poems: Knowing You
A daughter's first impressions of life are formed by the reflections of herself that she sees in her mother. As she goes through life protected, cared, and nurtured by her mother, a sacred and eternal bond is formed between them....
Inspirational Mother-Daughter Poems: A Conversation
A mother relives through her reflection in her daughter. And while we wade in the rise and ebb of life's many tides, she lovingly clears the path and sprays fresh waters . . . .
Colors and Music
The universality of colors and music is not being used effectively. The power of music and a stroke of color can heal beyond policies and pledges. Strum for peace and paint for love...
The world is full of duality. There is day for night and abnormalities for what we presume is 'normal'. However, we grow in the midst of these dualities and not by mocking, but holding hands and covering ground together. We are the...
Recycle For New Light
We have created the ogre called plastic and the demonic avarice for deforestation. Before these giants devour us, let us contain them with inherited intellect...
You Are On Your Way, Anyways...
Life is a gift. So many do not see the light of day. And when you are blessed with breath, accept the honor with grace. Attempting to willfully end life is a grand show of cowardice...
Mission: Life
Life is full of wonders. But instead of admiration, we award each beautiful sight with query. Shouldn't we be making the most of our time in this Garden of Eden...
How Am I Driving?
I have worked in a BPO for six months and the best part about it was the "to and fro". Here is a poem about such a trip.
Undo the Mess!
Heard about insensitive behavior on the bus. So seemingly preoccupied was the lad, he didn't even react to the aged citizen hurt, and helpless. Do you mind watching your step?...
Poor God!
We have made our belief in a Higher Power a sort of ownership that is most often taken for granted. While this 'God' is expected to be around when it pours woes, the power is conveniently forgotten when the going is good. Poor...
Topsy Turvy You and Me!
What if it suddenly really rained cats and dogs? Wow, Tom and Jerry are a riot on television; imagine them cloned and all around! Brainstorming is good. What if?...
What Did I Lose?
Who wouldn't want the joy and innocence of childhood back? Along the way, we all shed the light garment of innocence and prance around in the heavy garb of guilt and corroding spirit. This one is for those who yearn for renewal of...
Rich Love or Poor Love
If you are still confused about the evanescence of everlasting love, think again. The world around you is moving at a fast pace and you need to catch up, in order to survive. A poem for those perplexed souls believing in true love...
Beyond The Love and Separation in Life
Love is something worth craving for, but comes of course after that special loved one. A poem for those who have loved, lost, and still are willing to have their share of bliss.
The Purple Shroud
Have you ever given the 'night' a thought? What a beautiful gift! Sleep and rest works wonders on frayed nerves and brings hope of a brighter day...
Marooned For Life
Why can't we celebrate life and enjoy the bounty of nature? We are so blessed and yet probe and try to prod at what is beyond our grasp...
This Dream Cost Me a Lot
A special dream of a common man, willing to give everything but none is ready to accept... Hope you accept this dream of mine and Need some comments to live.
Human ego is never satiated. 'I' is fed till it gets so obese that all else fails to exist. Surely we are meant for much more.
What's So Funny?
Its amazing how the image of whatever you read or hear has an effect on your disposition. Simply imaging something beyond the regular is enough to lighten a weary day...
The Blissful One
This one's for my spiritual guide. My master and my strength. He fills my life with meaning and enables me to grow in strength and will...
Steps Into Another World
What a beautiful sight it is to watch the little one step into school on the first day. Screaming or filled with query, he embarks on a new journey in a whole new world.
Little Reminders
In trust and belief we live, while a doubtful heart only welcomes death...death of hope, death of deliverance. We are surrounded by miracles and yet refuse to see...
Until I Found You
A humble offering at the master's feet. He came, saw the plight I was in and helped me conquer every adversity. A zillion obeisances at His Holy Feet...
The Reason Behind Blindness Of Shadows
Lots of Mysteries we carry with ourselves while living this life... Some mysteries I tried to explain... expecting comments
Catch the Rippling Brook
Human attempt to harness nature needs to stop somewhere. What are we on...some might-proving spree on the path of self-destruction? Are we really so delusional that we refuse to acknowledge His presence?...
The Unspoken Word
We are so used to spoken words and hearing our own voices. So much so, words have begun to fail us. It is far better to speak through deed and thought and put the preserved energy to better use.
Skylarks of the Heaven So Blue
Spring season brings a new awakening in the flowers to boom and birds to sing. It also creates a new hope of togetherness in lover's mind. Let's fly with the skylarks of the heaven blue...
It takes but a moment to move from strength to strength. Measured time kills the beauty of what we have. Revel in the 'moment'.
Second Home
Undeniably, the office is second home. Whether workplace ethics are in place or not, like-minded people around add to the quality of life.
Under the Sunshine.......
Did you have a fight with your girlfriend..........
Imagine a life without any friends! It is impossible to remain a recluse as you live in a world full of beautiful people. Celebrating life and friendship.
Investing Love
A thought today for tomorrow makes life easier for those left behind, when we are no more. A selfless deed will sow the seeds of love.
The Sage
A true story put in words...
I Feel To Love You
This is my favorite one, written last year. I wish love for everyone lasts forever and ever and ever...
Money Makes The Mare Go...
The power of money cannot be denied. This 'exchange' has the power to earn friends and feed, to make fame kiss the ground you walk on and prosperity sit at your threshold. It dictates every move in life...
Soul Music
There is music all around. And, with great visuals too. What better music video than the one nature provides, every moment of our existence.
Mission Earth
Ben had uncovered Mission Earth! Excited at the discovery, his little eyes kept guard, while the four-legged Martians invaded his territory. How dare they! He was going to tell daddy...
One Man's Food Is Another Man's Poison
Differences surround us - in opinion and practice. Why can't we learn to live with them. We ourselves say, "Variety is the Spice of Life", and yet we are intolerant...
Who is Mad?
Condemnation comes so easily. But are we willing to take responsibility for another's mental health and stability? Here's to all who think they are sane, but...
Make the Most of The Holidays
Children. Blossoms in the garden of life. As a green thumb in charge, here's to my future. I live through you...
Gizmo Freak
He would rather be 'wired up' than loved. But, each one to his own. There is no denying that the gizmo freak has added to the variety of life and the spice of uniqueness.
Who Decides?
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! But can the blind lead the blind? Look around... there are miracles all around.
Absent Minded Holy Soul
There is no denying that 'common' sense is really rare. Wise in the morning is not nearly always so by bed time. Nevertheless, here's one to the joy of error.
Life Isn't So Unclear!
Mystery Of Life...
A Red Twist for Riding Hood!
Little compares to fairy tale characters. What if they could all get into one story? Well, look at what happened to Sly, the wolf, when Nana threw a party.
I Love To Love
Where all sensibility and reasoning take a bow...love begins. It's better to have lost in love than be victorious in empty gain. What's stopping you?
The Meanies
This one's for the meanies. People who derive a pleasure out of hurting others with their attitude. Pride does go before a fall you know and life turns a full circle...
I Drink of Your Happiness
I hope you learn. You hurt and then, turn your back. There are experiences to be lived and learned. Don't turn around, but 'watch' your back with 'forevision'...
Singing With the Larks
This is an ode to the most unusual relationships that emerge out of thin air. They are destined. True friendship becomes more and more beautiful with every test. Like this one, between the young lass and a brood no one dared to...
Where's Love And The Country Life?
A poem-About the life in Countryside with the people and life that one can never forget.
Dasvidaniya - the Final Salute
In remembrance of the glories that man is capable of and also the follies of war that cost us the greatest resource - life.
What's the harm to admit that as adults there are so many times we err. Calling our babies 'kids'! Come on! Then don't teach them 'young-ones' in kinder-garden. Or do we admit to the flock-genre...
Foot-Loose and Fancy Free
A 'home-coming' is expressed in an attempt to dare. There is no harm in assuming that which needs to be experienced...
God and a Feather
The animate mocks the inanimate, without realizing that experiences are designed for all. The route is the same, but the walk may be long or short. How does it matter?
The Darker Shades of Life
This poem is simply a flicker from the deepest recesses of the wonder called the human heart. The attempt is humble and strives to strike a cord in the coldness of youth towards the frailty of the evening.
"A Call for the Ultimate Change" - Indian Common Man
After the recent Mumbai terror attacks, people across India have come out in the open to raise their anger against - the flaws in the system and the politicians. They have asked for their rights - a call for the ultimate change!
I am the Internet, I am Intelligent.
I have been thinking for a while about jotting this down. Now that I have finally come up with something, it's better it comes out of my mind and into the world.
Life is a Contradiction at Times, So are We!
Sometimes we would like to take a decision by tossing a coin. Let's find out the contradictions that these two sides of a coin illustrate.
What does Love Mean
Every heart beats while uttering the word 'Love'. All literature sources kept wondering for years to define it. Let's find together how Love fulfills our awaiting desires.
Know yourself and enjoy your life!
The Musician
Within those few moments, I saw a perfection in his music, in his voice and in everything which belonged to him!
A riddle for you to solve.
The Lake
She is not with me now. Now we have different paths. but there was a time when we were together, dreaming future.
The Flow
Sometimes in your life the frustrations drive (inspire) you to write. This what I experienced and expressed, in my bad days.
Cinnamon Dreams
A poem about the uncertainties of life...
And Then, Suddenly
I wrote this after I experienced sudden, and unexpected, happiness, after a period of depression...
The Hidden Meaning!
For those times when believing in yourself is the only way out.
Love and Sacrifice - The Blind Love
On the eve of 'Valentine's Day', I have nothing to prove on love. However I would like to make an effort to map love & sacrifice with the best novel ever written in this world.
It is a kind of feeling which we have in our life when we know we want to do something but are simply unable to. We know there is a hidden potential within us but somehow are unable to use it to full extent.
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