Political Cartoons

Political cartoons known for their humor, also carry a subliminal message. Check out the best of these here.
(th)ink: Chinese New Year
Gung Hay Fat Choy!
(th)ink: Both Sides
They're good on both sides.
the K Chronicles: Victim Card
Please make it stop.
the K Chronicles: What Next?
Keef looks toward the next 12 months.
the K Chronicles: Women Candidates
Suck it up, snowflakes!
(th)ink: The Other Ten
How did Williamson get in there?
(th)ink: Trump's Projected Rhetoric
Analytics and Algorithms at work.
(th)ink: Trump Gets Tough
Dead men don't fight back.
(th)ink: Border Wall
The presidents have spoken.
the K Chronicles: One Last Message
..from the G.O.P. to you.
the K Chronicles: Vote!
Don't Give In to Fear...
Cartoon about politics.
(th)ink: High School Protesters
White House reaction.
(th)ink: Sessions speaks
On U.S. law enforcement.
(th)ink: Trump Anniversary
One year in. Is America great again yet?
General Kelly
Cartoon about the Trump administration.
the K Chronicles: Next Election
Don't mean nothing if this isn't taken care of...
(th)ink: Travel Ban I'd Like to See
Trump: "I don't take vacations."
(th)ink: New Bike Race
The first sponsor.
the K Chronicles: Tax Cuts For---?
Keef makes the case for tax cuts for the poor.
(th)ink: Trump Bros.
Be Ve-wy quiet...
SNL Approval Rating
Cartoon about Donald Trump.
Trump's America
Cartoon about Donald Trump's presidency.
the K Chronicles: House of Sick!!
Keef is trapped in a House of Sick!!
the K Chronicles: "So Lemme Get This Straight..."
Keef lays out what just happened..
the K Chronicles: NRA
The biggest loser in last week's election..
(th)ink: The Deal
Welp, that explains it.
(th)ink: Uncommitted
Their numbers are getting fewer and fewer...
Not Trump
Cartoon about Donald Trump.
(th)ink: Bill O'Reichy
Well-fed. Well-managed.
(th)ink: Half-mast
May as well...
(th)ink: The Barack Boom
It's what they really call it!
Bernie Rally
Last week I attended the Bernie Sander's rally in Sacramento, half-expecting there to be armed gun nuts protesting alongside Klan members. But there were no protesters, The crowd of 15,000 was polite and optimistic…
the K Chronicles: 2nd Coming
God returns to the comics!!
the K Chronicles: N.C. Ban
It's more than Paypal and the Boss...
the K Chronicles: N.C. Shame
Is Keef regretting his move?
The K Chronicles: Team Trump
With friends like these...
Angry Old Birds Vote, Too
Madeleine Albright, stumping for Hillary, says "There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!" And Golria Steinem insulted young women Berners. "When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are...
(th)ink: Where They Stand
..on the REAL issues.
Cartoon about Jeb Bush.
Dr. Long Shot
Cartoon about the 2016 election.
A Lesson in Politics
I wonder who they're going to vilify in this election cycle.
Running Scared
Cartoon about the 2016 elections.
the K Chronicles: Bush Reflux
I threw up in my mouth a little.
Cartoon about Bill and Hillary Clinton.
(th)ink: Ben Carson Doesn't
Fox found itself a new mouthpiece.
(th)ink: Summit
The meeting they say would never happen.
(th)ink: Stop & Frisk
Sorry Bloomie!
the K Chronicles: Turned Out!
Keef gives the Republicans some advice.
(th)ink: "Sequel to Lincoln"
Would've preferred casinos...
(th)ink: "So-Duh!"
Gawd Bless Mississippi!
Meet Your Senator!!
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: The Party That...
...No's where they stand.
the K Chronicles: "2nd Term"
Keef outlines his hopes for the next 4 years.
(th)ink: Love It Or Leave It?
Keef looks at the Post-election Secession Movement.
(th)ink: "Post"
the K Chronicles: "G.O.P. Diversity"
Keef urges you not to paint the Republicans with a broad brush.
(th)ink: "The Pits"
Rep. Paul Broun: Scientist!
(th)ink: "Voter Booth"
Get ready swing-staters...
the K Chronicles: "Mitt's Plan"
Mitt gets called out.
(th)ink: "Copycats!"
Keef on the Dems' Convention.
(th)ink: "And on the First Day..."
... the G.O.P. receives an explanation.
(th)ink: "Voter ID Laws"
Making America safer...
(th)ink: "First White House Visit"
..from Sasha's perspective.
(th)ink: "The Election Stripped Bare"
More weird goings-on in Florida...
CRYiNG MACHO MAN: "Obama Hysteria"
Guest cartoonist, Michael Aushenker steps into Crying Macho Man's shoes.
(th)ink: "The Go-To Guy"
McCain's last hope.
Bush gets Stoned.
(th)ink: "I'm-Palin"
Don't mess with community organizers.
the K Chronicles: "Palin-drone Two"
Imagine if Palin were a Black Democrat.
(th)ink: "Whatever Works"
Innovative campaign strategy.
the K Chronicles: "Palin-drone"
Imagine if Palin were a Democrat?
(th)ink: "Change?"
Someone who's been asking for change for a while.
the K Chronicles:"Paint the White House Black"
Keef is mum on whats-his-name...
(th)ink: "With Friends Like these.."
..Bush offers McCain help.
(th)ink: "San Francisco: Trendsetter?"
It's more appropriate than the library.
(th)ink: "More Analysis"
...from Fox News.
(th)ink: "Eenie Meanie My-Knee Moe.."
We'll blow them up there so we don't have to blow them up here.
the K Chronicles: "Bush-ball"
The never-ending season.
(th)ink: 5th Anniversary
What do we get for five years?
(th)ink: The Political Beat (down)
Slinging hash and innuendo in the primaries.
the K Chronicles: "What Would it Take?"
What would it take to get them tossed out?
(th)ink: "Scary House"
It's easy these days.
(th)ink: "Trapped in the Toilet"
The next career move for Larry Craig
CRYiNG MACHO MAN: "Goodbye Karl Rove"
Our little Rovey, all grown up and ready to conquer the world. Check out what I mean in my latest comic strip.
(th)ink: "Doing Whatever is Necessary"
Candidates and their war chests.
CRYiNG MACHO MAN: "New York vs. L.A."
There's got to be a reason they call it "New York Pizza" when you're ordering in Los Angeles. Check out my latest strip to find out!
CRYiNG MACHO MAN: "A Little Gift"
On the last day of his presidency, Bush has a surprise in store for the new president and for us all. Check out what it is in my latest strip.
(th)ink: "Inspirational"
Our president inspires so many people...
(th)ink: "Bad 4 U"
Definitely not good for U.S...
(th)ink: "No Dollar Left Behind"
Our education system at work..
the K Chronicles: "The REAL Litmus Test"
A litte pre-election advice...
(th)ink: "All This 9/11 Stuff Is Making Me Sick""
Give us the head of Christine Todd Whitman!!
(th)ink: "A Sign from Above"
Bush is HOT, HOT, HOT!!
(th)ink: "Addressing the Problem"
U.S. acts swiftly to remedy problem overseas..
the K Chronicles: "One Day at Ye Olde White House Correspondent's Dinner"
What was on Bush's mind when Colbert was tearing him a new one?
(th)ink: "Happy (?) Anniversary!!"
We've turned a corner..The insurgency is on its last legs..If we didn't invade, we'd be speaking Iraqi by now..
the K Chronicles: "Global Warning"
Dead Penguins!! Dead Polar Bears!!
the K Chronicles: "What REALLY Happened.."
More adventures with that Dick from the White House..
(th)ink: "Bush's New Slogan"
First there was "Mission Accomplished"...
(th)ink: "Cuckoo's Nest"
As if the U.S. Military doesn't have enough stuff to do..
the K Chronicles: "The Education President"
Keef points out the positive aspect of the War in Iraq..
(th)ink: "Bush Prayer"
Bush seeks more guidance...
(th)ink: "No Child Left Behind"
The one policy Bush is gonna stick to.
the K Chronicles: "Escape from New Orleans"
Keef describes a dream he had about his beloved New Orleans & Gee Dubya Bush...
(th)ink: "The Continuing Adventures of Curious George"
If he ignores them, they will just go away...
"Darwin or Lose"
I reject the notion that any controversy over the evolution even exists!
(th)ink: "New Recruiting Slogan"
The Military is counting on the President for at least a little help..
(th)ink: "Pay 'n' Wipe"
More weird stuff from Florida..
the K Chronicles: "White House Visit"
Keef imagines himself visiting the Oval Office with his beloved World Champion Red Sox...
(th)ink: "Smokin' Wead"
Gee Dubya contemplates what to do about recent tapes that have surfaced...
the K Chronicles: "the War on Social Security"
You didn't know? Social Security was in on Sept. 11th, too!!
(th)ink: "Iraqi Election Results"
Is it really that surprising?
"Mea Culpa"
Last week I made a mistake. I trusted an Internet rumor that attributed Dan Quayle quotes to our current president.
(th)ink: "Battle of the Bulge"
What was that bulge on Bush during the debates?
(th)ink: "Technological advancement in Florida"
Governor Bush prepares for the heavy increase of African-American voters...
the K Chronicles: "Voter Guide!!"
Print it out!! Cut it up!! and bring it to the polls!!
(th)ink: "Bush Tackles Homeless Problem"
Dubya kills two birds with one stone...
(th)ink: "Bush vs...."
Bush needs your vote to vanquish the powerful force that is pickin' on his brother's state...
(th)ink: "Our first Black President"
A look at Bill Clinton's recent health problems...
(th)ink: "Black Delegates"
This week's Republican Convention; so much diversity...
the K Chronicles: "John McPublicain"
Hey kids. wanna run for President? Then don't go to war for your country!!
The K Chronicles: "selcinorhC K ehT"
At first, Bush doesn't want to talk to the 9/11 Commission, and then he does....
the K Chronicles: "Good ol' Ronnie Reagan"
Keef raises his crackpipe to the Great Communicator
the K Chronicles: "this New Era of Responsibility"
Keef thanks the Bu--sh-- administration for their inspirational behavior..
"Bush Ad"
Senator John Kerry. Is he really qualified to be anyone's commander-in-chief?
the K Chronicles: "Permanent Vacation.."
..because our President deserves it...(more lefty-liberal, unfair & unbalanced comix!!)
the K Chronicles: "More BU**SH**!!"
Another one of them dirty, rotten, filthy liberal kommix!!
the K Chronicles: "Office Pool"
Folks around the water cooler at K Chronicles Inc., are placing bets on what dubya will do to steal the election this time around...
We're going to need a Push Poll on Dean, or whoever wins the Democratic nomination.
"Young Rove"
In 1968, ace political strategist Karl Rove ran for office at his Utah high school. His opponent was blond, experienced and popular. (True story)
the K Chronicles: "Diggin' the Election ahead"
Keef takes a coupla digs at the upcoming Presidential Election
News item: Republican party officials admit to digitally correcting a Bush speech fumble -- made during the State of the Union Address -- for a recent ad.
"The Best Offense"
Now, the first thing you say is, "what're you lookin' at?"
No other nation wants to help us fight for freedom. I wish there was some way we could force them to.
"Dissent into Hell"
News Item: The Secret Service has been enlisting local police to keep demonstrators away from Bush and Cheney events, often confining them to fenced-off areas far from the media.
"Hand Jive"
We in White House P.R. know how important it is to convey authority and competence through our leader's public image.
the K Chronicles: "The Bush Speech"
Keef imagines how the prezident's grovel-speech will be received by the U.N.
The Buck Stops There
Here it is, Mr. President -- the latest in blame deflection and obfuscation devices.
So--why now? Why does this lie rise to the level of a media feeding frenzy?
"Summer Code"
Check this out - I finally perfected Arispeak 4.0! It translates everything the press secretary says!
"White House Hubris"
"There are some who feel like -- that conditions are such that they can attack us there." "My answer is: Bring 'EM ON!"
"Dem Bums"
Knock Knock...Yes?...Ma'am, have you seen this person?
"The Revisionists"
"This nation acted to a threat from the dictator of Iraq.
"Hot Potato"
Before we begin taking bids for the world's most advance lie detector, we'll have a short demonstration.
the K Chronicles: "Why the President's Approval Rating is so High"
It really is simple if you think about it...
Survivor: Middle East
Welcome to Survivor: Middle East. I'm your host, Karl Rove.
2004 Re-Election Fashion Preview
'Pseud" up. Feeling "Media-Manipulated?" Here's how to handle your very own P.O.T.U.S.! Wrap It!
"Chicken Hawk"
Once there was a little red hen, who found an excuse to start a war...
"Baghdad, Bagged"
Sec. of Defensive, Donald Rumsfeld, on anarchy in Iraq (actual quotes):
Welcome To "To Tell The Truth!"
I'm Donald Rumsfeld, and may I introduce you to...
"The Blame Game"
It seems that every problem we have these days is being blamed on Saddam Hussein.
Dubya has a reputation for mangling speech:
the K Chronicles: "The Blaaaaame Gaaaame"
More bush-bashing from another liberal hippie-loving cartoonist.
the K Chronicles: "When All is Said and Done"
A look at where our current prez and vice prez may be post term...
the K Chronicles: "Add it Up"
Bad arithmetic by the Bush administration...
the K Chronicles: "All Hallow Eve's special!!"
The return of the bush-babies!!
the K Chronicles: Say it after me...
Deep meditative chants from the K Chronicles
the K Chronicles: "The 9/11 Card"
A new product from the makers of the Race Card!!
Frat King Coal
The people running the United States government are from the energy industry.