Politicians and the Civil War between Democrats and Republicans

Division on the Hill.
Many wonder why our country is divided. Well, we can start on the hill... Senate and Congress. Our very own are the most divided. The Civil War has never ended. Words continue its toll on Americans. The World is falling apart, while these paid politicians get nothing done. It is Politics in which we are divided.

Barack Obama is one of the most intelligent leaders we have ever had, yet is seen by time. The law, government, and others would like us to believe we as many colors are divided, but truly it is the very ones who write our laws who are divided.

It's sad to think how someday these people will tear our country apart. Within ignorance they prey upon it. It is those who beat the dead horse and say it is blue and we know it's pink. Lies and personal reasons overrule America's safety.
Published: 8/20/2015
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