Politics in Gandara, Samar

Gandara, Samar is a beautiful place to stay and relax during summer. But when it comes to politics, I think this is the big problem for most people who are living there.
When I was growing up, I had best life experiences in Gandara, Samar. Almost everyone knows about me because I came from a political family. But not most people know that I really hate politics.

Some politicians have no genuine concerns for others. Even their family members, relatives, and friends are fighting against one another for fame and power. The worst part is, some people may end up killing each other.

This is true in my hometown and other places in Samar. Ever since, vote buying is a sick and dirty practice during election season. Politicians who spend so much money than his opponents are more likely to win the race. It's sad because people don't understand the aftermath of the poll. Many public servants would try hard to gain back the expenses they have spent during the election.

I love my townmates and they don't deserve being the victims of unjust and corrupt political systems in our government. The fact is everyone has a choice in life. They may stay away from bad politics or follow the footsteps of some corrupt officials.

I'm not saying that all politicians are dishonest. I'm just telling that if you're in this line of work, the chance of stealing people's money without being caught is huge and sometimes unavoidable. But if you take a different path, there are a lot of great opportunities for you out there. You could be a doctor, teacher, nurse, pharmacist, engineer, or anything you want to be and live a peaceful life.

I remember when I was a child, my parents and grandparents used to tell me always to study hard because education was the only way to escape from poverty. Of course, they were right by saying that. But when I gained more experience and education, I have realized that education is nothing without great opportunities. I mean an opportunity for the poor people to finish their studies with full support from the government.

I believe the government plays a significant role for fulfilling their lifelong dreams. They should also provide available works for them after they have graduated, so that they may be able to showcase their skills and abilities in the society.

I hate to say this, but our corrupt political systems are slowing us down towards a more progressive community. In fact, I have many bright classmates when I studied in elementary school in Gandara. So sad to say, most of them dropped out of school and chose to work at the local farms because of poverty.

I don't want to blame the government for this. But the situation speaks the reality. I mean the money that is supposed to be used in helping children's education, a portion would go directly to the pockets of dirty politicians.

When I visited my hometown last year, I was heartbroken to see some of my classmates at the elementary level working as farmers, fishermen, and tricycle drivers. I knew in my heart they could live a better life if they have given opportunities to finish their studies. I could see in their eyes the desires for a change in our corrupt political systems.

Now, I hope and pray that God will bless all these people and enlighten the minds of our political leaders from national to local government units. After all, we won't bring all these riches and fame in heaven. And whatever we have right now, will soon be gone.
Published: 11/21/2013
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