Politics - An aspect of it that I don't agree with!!
Politics, a very interesting topic and subject. But, if the politics gets into our personal lives, it turns into a dirty game. One which no one can win. Because, to win this game you have to sacrifice a lot, and at the end, you have won the game, but lost in life!!!

Why do people bring politics into life? Why can't they just live normally, happily? Why interfere in things that, firstly, don't concern them, and secondly, they have no knowledge of? I am not saying that I have never indulged in that, but after a point of time, I realized that it was a useless waste of energy, trying to play mind-games in vain. Yes, there are times when mind-games are fun. At those times it's completely positive and fun. I hate mind-games that are played just to cause a little grief to another person.

They say women are better at personal politics and mind-games. I completely agree. It's so true! But, along with this power we also have the ability to choose. Which, very conveniently, we overlook. It's pathetic how some women gather popularity with the help of these nonsensical mind-games. To what end? Just an apparent upper-hand?

In my opinion, people, stop wasting time in such ridiculous activities and get a life!
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 7/27/2009
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