Poppy Seed Tea Effects

Poppy seeds contain certain substances, that upon consumption, affect the mood of an individual causing him/her to temporarily eliminate pain and feel relaxed. The amount of recipes and material on the Internet is testimonial to the popularity of poppy seeds. They are primarily consumed in tea form and are not free of side effects.
The substances that we today call drugs or narcotics are actually substances relating to many different plants. Some of the narcotic substances that are derived from various plants, are basically the substances that affect the brain and the human nervous system. Some of the substances that can be classified as narcotics include opium, heroin or cocaine. All these substances have psychoactive effects on the human body. The result is that emotions like anxiety and stress are totally eliminated by the consumption of these substances. The tension and worry of the person totally disappears and the consumer experiences a 'light' and 'numbing' effect, which is commented to be enjoyable. In the earlier time before the development of proper anesthesia, these substances were used during surgeries and medical treatments to ease the pain of patients. The negative drawback of these narcotics, is that they are used by people for drug abuse. The effects have caused many people to become thorough addicts. Judicial and law enforcement systems have hence banned many of these substances.

Effects of Poppy Seed Tea

There are some substances, however, which have not been banned but have a similar effect on the human body. Poppy seed tea and Marijuana are examples of such substances that are unfortunately not banned by many legal systems.

Recently, I went through some of the columns titled 'How to make Poppy Seed Tea' and 'How do you make poppy seed tea', that gave poppy seed tea instructions and recipes. The poppy seeds are directly used in order to brew the poppy seed tea. The common effects include a euphoria and immense pleasure, as the mental pressure and tension is relieved. The negative feelings like sadness or grief are also relieved. According to poppy seeds nutrition facts, this psychological relief is brought about by the 4 main components of the seed, namely Morphine, Thebaine, Codeine, Papaverine and Noscapine. These substances affect the opioid receptors, which are located along the spinal cord bringing out the euphoria that causes the joyful sensation. Consumers experience these effects, about half an hour after they have consumed the tea.

The common physical effect that is experienced, is a very distinct warming sensation on the skin. The consumers reportedly feel a very light pressure and felling of contraction on their pupils, back and neck. Drowsiness and sleepiness follow these effects. The intensity of these effects depend on the amount of contents, especially morphine, that are present in the tea. The period for which these effects last, also tend to vary on the concentration of the substances (Morphine, Thebaine, Codeine, Papaverine and Noscapine).

Symptoms of Overdose

In cases of overdose and high concentration of the said substances, the persons consuming the tea are bound to suffer from side effects. Poppy seed tea effects that occur due to mild overdose, include headache, stomach ache and drowsiness. Nausea, itchy skin, lethargy and slowed breathing is also experienced. Constipation and ingestion is also observed as a result of consecutive consumption. People have also lost their lives as a result of the overdose or have succumbed to coma.

Though poppy seed tea preparation and seeds are not banned in many countries, all across the world, I would staunchly recommend you to refrain from consuming it. The poppy seed can be consumed using a variety of techniques like, poppy seed tea lemon juice, and cigarettes. The poppy seed is not only highly addictive, but also causes a lot of negative effects to the human health. It's advisable to stay away from the pleasures derived from it and instead enjoy the simple pleasures that life offers.
By Scholasticus K
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