Porcelain Doll

She is a pretty little doll.
Oh, porcelain doll, with skin so white,
Your beauty glows like the moon at night.
Oh, porcelain doll, in your pink dollhouse,
You are so small and quiet like a mouse.
Oh, porcelain doll, are you of courage?
Of intelligence, wit and a rich heritage.

You have many traits that the eye can't see,
Because we only see your porcelain beauty.

Oh, porcelain doll, seemingly perfect,
Why hide away so we cannot detect,
Like everything in this world, you age,
Your skin cracks, and you disengage,
From buzzing spectators that fail to see,
How you are fragile and break easily.

Oh, porcelain doll, we are blind, alas,
Porcelain is thin and delicate like glass,
One harsh fall and you will shatter to pieces,
Like his mother, her daughter, and our nieces.
We must be careful with a porcelain doll,
Gentle hands for something so small.

Day by day, we keep pushing her so,
Until, we've dropped her onto the floor.

Oh, porcelain doll, won't you play anymore?
Published: 9/19/2018
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