Posioned Fate

My head tells me that you're gone
But my heart still cries your name
You can't seem to leave me alone
I cannot live without you
The mere memories of you tortures me
It's been years and the pain is still fresh
Hurts more when I daydream
You left your mark
I can taste your poison
And it is sweet
I fall willingly into your trap, into your arms
No protest as the poison takes control
I could die all over again and I wouldn't care
Anything for your touch
Your voice a mere whisper of the past
Pain so fresh, love so raw it hurts
My scars are deep
My heart still bleeds; my soul cries your name
I cry your name into my sleep
I scream and curse you every day
It has become my goal to see you dead
But in the end I am the one dying
I close my eyes
A smile frozen upon my face as your poison controls my fate
Published: 10/9/2009
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