Positive Peer Pressure

When used in general conversation, peer pressure has a negative connotation. However, positive peer pressure can actually promote better social development in children. Read more to know about it.
Friendship is one very important aspect of life. Our friends help us explore our world better. They give us a sense of belonging and mental security. They help us be a part of the group and keep us youthful forever. But as we grow, we may get influenced by our friends in a negative manner. Also, teenage is more vulnerable to the effects of peer pressure. One of the reasons could be the age itself, when children are searching for their own identity and want to live life on their own terms. At this age, they tend to have a rebellious tendency towards their parents. So, it is essential for the parents to deal with their children carefully and effectively, so that they do not feel offended or annoyed. In such peer pressure situations, your child's friends can play a major role. This is where you can use positive peer pressure techniques for better personality development of your child.

Children are very close to their friends and they like to be accepted and appreciated by their peers. Also, many a time they succumb to peer pressure activities, just to feel 'in' or for confirming to the majority. They try to imitate their friends to show that they are also like them. For example, many smokers have accepted that, they started smoking because their friends used to smoke. The first puff was 'tried' because of peer pressure and later on it became a habit.

Positive Effects of Peer Pressure

There are both negative and positive effects of peer pressure. Positive pressure is something that impacts your child's life in a positive way. Also, as a parent you can use your child's peers to your advantage by making use of positive pressure tactics. While implementing the same, you have to highlight the good qualities of your child's friends to motivate your child to follow the same. Positive pressure helps your children to acquire good values, attitude, habits, and behavior. You can do the same with your child's friends, when you meet them.

For better results, it is important for you to have a friendly relationship with your children. It is advisable to know your children's friend circle and try to jell well with them. That will help you keep an eye on their activities and keep your children safe from negative peer pressure. So, positive pressure is all about exposing your children and their friends to the better side of being young.

While socializing with peers, kids tend to analyze their behavior and thought process from others' point of view and also try to judge where they stand. In the process, they make lots of friends, get acquainted with a variety of personalities, behavior and relationships, that exposes them to myriad human emotions and its complexities. Friends can at times help them give an altogether new perspective and attitude towards life, through sharing of opinions and thoughts. They learn to accept the point of view of other people and become more sociable. It can shape his personality and thought process and help him become a better human being.

In daily life, even adults experience a lot of subtle positive pressure. The same applies to kids, with the only difference being that it's considered that adults can decide what's best for them and also differentiate between positive and negative influence. Let's understand with a few examples here. e.g. 1. Your friends can inspire you to do many things. They may inspire you to work hard and sincerely, to better your performance. Similarly, if your kid's performance is low at school or college, he may buck up looking at his peers and indulge in healthy competition, that will help in achieving success. e.g. 2. Your friend or colleague is good in time management and hence, does smart work rather than hard work. You will always try to learn better organizational skills from him. In the same way, if your kid's friend is good in studies as well as in extracurricular activities, he can observe how he or she manages time to do everything at once and try to acquire good time management skills from the friend.

Positive peer-to-peer relationship can never be pressuring, rather it's precious in every possible way. ~ Anonymous

Apart from this, if you are lucky enough to get good friends, they will always be there for you in all your ups and downs. You can share your best moments and the deepest secrets with your friends. As someone rightly said, each friend represents a world in us, a world not possibly born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
By Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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