Positive Thinking Affirmations

Positive thinking affirmations can change the way you live. Many people today are learning the art of positive thinking for a better life. To get more insights on the same, read on...
Life is never smooth. It is full of ups and downs, some hard times, some glad moments, and sometimes just nothing. And probably that is why it's called life. But what is a man, a human being then? Well, I guess, a human is someone who is designed to survive life. And a good man is someone who lives life to the fullest balancing and accepting all the ups and downs coming his way. What helps a man make his life larger and beautiful is positive thinking affirmations. It gives a person energy, insight, motivation, power, and patience to live each day as it comes with the same vitality and grace. Positive thinking is not when you ask for no problems but it is when you decide to be happy even while facing problems. This automatically makes things positive for you and brings confidence that you can live happily, come what may.

How Do Positive Thinking Affirmations Work?

When you pray to God, you ask for good things, be it good health, success, happiness, or overall well-being. Positive thinking is also the similar thing, where you ask for positive and good things to occur in life. But the only difference is that positive thinking develops with practice and something that you have to follow on a daily basis. It works on the law of attraction. According to this law, what you wish is what you get. So to get the positive thinking affirmations working for you, it is essential that you must think good, so that only good happens to you.

The theory of positive thinking affirmations also believes that the world functions on some kind of energies which flow in the human beings too. And positive thinking is nothing but channelizing your energies in one positive direction so that the things you wish for are attracted towards you. Let the cosmic energies know what you want and how much you are striving for it and they shall help you get what you want. If you wish for something from your heart every time and work towards achieving it, sooner or later, you will get it.

Positive Thinking Affirmation Techniques

There are various positive thinking tips that you can use to make your life better. First, you have to train yourself to think positive at any situation. You must also design some positive self affirmations for the things you desire in life. For example, if you want success in life, then a positive affirmation for success could be, ~ I am hardworking and I will succeed, or I know I am going to be successful because I am working hard for it, or I am successful, etc. You must call out, write, or remember positive affirmations at least couple of times throughout the day and you will see your life changing for better.

You can combine positive affirmations with meditation and visualization wherein you have to see what you want, see the events as you want them to occur. For example, if you wish for a happy family, visualize that you are with your family members having a good time playing with your kids and spouse, laughing and enjoying, and your parents looking at you all with smile and satisfaction. It will instantly make you feel good and the energies will make sure that this turns to reality. You can also chant these affirmations every morning before leaving home and you would certainly feel positive. You can also write down the positive affirmations on a piece of paper and keep it where you can see it often, be it a study table or the soft board in the office.

Examples of Positive Affirmations
  • Today is a beautiful day because I am going to make it so.
  • I love my self unconditionally.
  • I love others unconditionally.
  • I have the best friends one could ever have.
  • I love my family and they love me too.
  • I love my job and I enjoy it.
  • The success is mine as I am working hard for it.
  • Everything I do turns into a success. I am a winner.
  • All my dreams come true.
  • I always get more than what I need.
  • I am open to receive all the goodness in life.
  • I am positive minded person and I attract the similar people to me.
  • I am loving, caring, compassionate, empathetic, intelligent, supportive, loyal, and fun to be with.
  • I deserve to be in perfect health and my body is glowing with health and wholeness.
  • I eat healthy, I drink healthy, I follow a healthy lifestyle.
You can use the above positive thinking affirmations in your daily life. But make sure to link them to actual daily actions to prepare a ground for their manifestation, and they will surely come true. It is great to wake up each morning, full of energy, excitement, and happiness, and face the day with confidence, gratitude, and a smile on the face.
By Geeta Dhavale
Published: 12/11/2010
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