Power in the Word of a Poet

As poets, we have the power to use words as expression, weaponry, as forms of change and influence. Let's not forget the power in our gift.
Sweet and tangy phrases,
Either slither or shoot out our mouths,
We decide to play with letters,
Combined together with meaning,
To introduce our own meaning,
The trail blazers set the law,
For the law of language to be broken,
We have every right,
To use a word in a "wrong" context,
We have every right to tautologize, oxymoronize, and metaphorize,
The right to obliterate as we syndicate,
Yet, sometimes we tend to abuse this freeing power.

We speak of love and love’s past,
We speak of words themselves,
And a cat that sat on a mat,
But how about the power of change?
Not in cliché,
But the nude truth,
We face realities everyday,
That people are afraid to speak about,
But with the confidence and the dramaticness of a poet.

We have life opportunity to be the vessel,
Can we speak about the deflowering of lilies,
In the valleys of streets, villages, and alleys?
At homes, parties, and family gatherings?
Can we speak about the abandonment of the sun,
Through the carbon emissions of fatherless vehicles?
Covering the tear-tarred and peeved-potholed tracks,
With not-yet-had-and-will-never-have-treasured-bonding-memories?

The more we use our gift to gift others with revelation,
Oh, how our word will be taken as serious,
As the preacher to a widow,
Giving nourishment to the soul of loss,
We gift gain,
We gift power,
We gift life.

Merely bringing in the perceptions of the world,
Molding it together with our thoughts, experiences, and emotions,
Weaponry is formed,
Missiles that protect the soul that has never had a stranger,
Become their guardian angel in merely 3 minutes or 2 pages of lines,
We can perform an armed robbery for stereotypes and assumptions,
Lack of ambition and slavery to society,
And I say, we hold a fest where we slam all this ridiculousness,
Because really, if words can make a nation kill nations,
Then words can make a nation, emancipate souls in every nation.
Published: 6/27/2014
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