Power of One

Lift yourself to be who you can be, the power is inside You...
I thought I had it all
I thought I had it all figured out
Then one day
It all turned upside down

I was lost
I was lost without You
I felt so alone
Once again

I lost all hope
I lost faith in the world
I lost faith in myself
I lost the will to go on
I fell into depression
And despair

Why me? I asked
Why again?

When will my time to shine come?
But then it hit me
Because this is my time
This is my place
I can shine
All by myself

The end is not near
I'll rise again
I'll show the world
What I'm made of
Is harder than steel
What I'm capable of
The sky is the limit

My will is Iron
My heart is gold
My courage like stone
My love so pure
So I'm flying solo
Once again
But this time
I'm looking for You
My Princess
My soulmate
I know I'll find you
Because I've found myself
Published: 9/28/2011
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