Power of the Sun

This poem focuses on the experience of a man on a journey apparently alone and he is trying hard to deal with the elements of the Sun, and to somehow come to terms with the effects of the heat and rays. He seeks the path of his destiny, and wants to conquer and overcome the challenges, so that he can accomplish his dreams.
I see the Sun shining brightly in all its glory;
Ruler of all, it surveys with rays,
I feel the power of its light,
The wonder of its mastery as it glows upon my destiny,
Yet the force emitted is like a million waves of heat;
A trillion billows of intense dispensations with passion on my feet.

I bow in homage, my strength sapped;
My resolve tapped, please slow thy wave!
I surrender on my knees as water so sultry,
And so loose, flows endlessly as I plead please.

Please spare a moment of ease;
Spare a time of reprieve,
That I might find the degree of a breeze,
The splinter of a hope to forage on and complete my dreams.

Can I touch thee?
No! Can I feel thee?
Yes indeed; for daily as I go,
My skin is matted like dried grass gasping for air;
Oh, am I so low!

My brow is wrinkled and confused,
Betrayed and misused;
Strange lines are etched upon my countenance,
My vision blurred as I search for sustenance.

Is not my submission enough for thee?
Is not my obvious discomforts to numerous for thy degrees?
You seem to mock me with abrasive twinkles;
You appear to laugh loudly as with empty shadows you mingle.

Ah! I breathe, as I momentarily stumble under a shade.
I pant with sand in my throat,
And seethe with grains in my eyes that feel like moats,
Where oh, where is the vision that I dreamed;
For surely, surely someday I will be redeemed.
Where is the Path of achievement that I crave?
Will this be the end, the fulfillment of my grave!

Nay, I say to thee, thou shalt not be a victor today,
Nay, I declare in my mind soundly;
Alas I can muster some care to come my way,
I shall arise and follow, thee to thy home in thy horizon;
You shall light my steps with heat that will never be forgotten.

I will match thy intensity with my tenacity,
And thy brutish audacity with my resurgent masculinity,
As for me, I am a man with the image of your maker,
And the blessings of our Creator.

Ahead I can see the end as it approaches nigh,
And the sight inspires me to deeply sigh with a smile,
Behold the day nears its end,
And my fate cannot be denied as I muster on
Still struggling to find a friend,
For denial I shall never seek,
As mercy will somehow encompass me;
And what's to be will be.
What are your expectations from this poem?
Not at all.
Not many
Not much.
Some expectations.
It offers some inspiration.
A storyline.
Some motivation.
Can't relate to it.
Published: 1/21/2014
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