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Crimson drops falling from pale white skin,
So fast, so clever; life drained from within.
The cuts you've mais,
The marks you've left,
They will never fade.
This feeling of desolation will never go away.
I can'e hide it, nor can I shield the pain.
Forever you'll be this way.

Pass it on, pass it down.
Just don't drop and break your crown
Are you so high and mighty now?
Step in my shoes and start fighting,
Learn to live with all your given.

Still dripping, still burning,
For me this is just the beginning.
So how am I still breathing?
All you've done,
All I’ve seen,
All I felt should never have began.
This a battle I will not win
For I am not as strong as you.
Nor will I ever be when you can leave me to bleed.
So you I will always shun,
Because I am not the powerful one.
Published: 10/7/2008
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