Pray Time Again

A poem of desperation. Please read, comment and hope you like it.
What is happening I can't see?
I am blind I remember everything
So vaguely.
What is happening I can't see?

All it feels like that you're continuously lying.
Tell me baby, what it is, that I can't see.
Tell me baby, what it is I can't feel,

For every day that passes
You lose more interest.
I sit in my classes,
I continue to lose interest.

I don't know what I should do,
I haven't even a clue.
Should I go or should I stay.

My mind is on skip play,
It's fast forwarding to a better place,
Unfortunately it's not a better way,
Please let me help you stay,
Let me assure you everything is okay,
But everything in my life is so crappy.

I know your life is no better,
But let's face it,
Nothing is getting any better,
I'm writing this poem with no aim,
Only with hopes to persuade.
And persuade once more to love,
And not to run.

But I feel you will,
I'm out of will,
It's time to pay the bill,
The bill of our love debt.

It's time to make a choice,
For time again I have wept,
I have thought our love is strong,
But again I feel I am wrong.

Oh, how this is ennobling,
I just want keep wondering.
The emotions I feel,
The words you tell.

Cause I am at a loss for them
All I can think is when?
When will this trouble end?
When will it go back to normal?
But I fear it is far from normal.

You can't see the reality of our travesty.
I'm afraid of my love,
Assure me like a white dove
Flying painlessly through the air,
Oblivious to my despair.

My love I am your Moon
And I will guide you,
I revolve around you,
You keep me in control.

So please my love,
Choose what your heart feels
That it wants and can't lose.
For I love and I always will,
As long as we are together,
I can never kill
Our love must be forever.
Published: 12/8/2011
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