Precious Gift

The gift of hope to a broken heart.
Please accept this gift I give,
This tiny bead of sweat
That glistens like a diamond,
It mingles with the tears on your bed.
Dry your eyes and try to forget
The cold rooms, the catacombs,
The graveyard of neglect,
The word-weary epitaph to regret.

I have no crock of gold to offer,
But that which lays within my heart,
A beat born from sympathetic,
Impoverished, forsaken love.
Rest your head in velvet dreams,
I'll comb your hair with my fingers
And assure you that I understand,
The bad memories that linger.

I'll lay with you beneath soft lights
And you can cry upon my shoulder
While I hold you tight,
Try to relax, it'll make you a little bolder,
Bold enough to face the pain,
To feel the love creep back inside
To help you smile again,
It will all come back to you tonight.

So please accept my precious gift
And float upon its song,
I'll sing the chorus soft and low
To bring you back to where you belong.
Confide in me your heartache,
That I may share your unbridled sorrow,
And share my gift of precious love
To help you through tomorrow.
Published: 6/3/2011
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