Pretend Love - Chapter 9

It finally happens.
Hailey’s POV

It felt so awkward every time Luke touched me. I know that it had to look as though we were really a couple in front of his father, but was this much touching really necessary?

I wish there was another way I could thank Luke for getting my sister out of what could have been a really bad situation, but after I overheard the fight between him and his father I just had to do it. I couldn’t let him be blamed for my sisters’ mistake.

I still thought he was an arrogant, selfish womanizer, but he did help me when I was in need and kept quiet about what really happened although he was being blamed for it. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t selfish... And he did apologize for his behavior... Maybe he’s not completely who I thought he was.

As I watched Luke and his father talking and his father smiling at me, I could see that he really was pleased with the idea of me being Luke’s girlfriend. I started feeling guilty. I really liked Luke’s father, he was a kind man from what I had seen and now I was giving him false hope. I was deceiving him, but I couldn’t just ignore what Luke had done for me. Why did I get myself into this mess?

"Hailey, are you okay? You’re very quiet." Luke’s father interrupted my thoughts.
"Oh, yes. I’m just a little tired; it’s been a long day."
"Well, then don’t let me keep you up." He turned his attention to Luke.
"Luke, you better drive her home so she can get to bed."
"Oh no, that won’t be necessary. I came with my own car."
"Then Luke can drive you home and you can get your car tomorrow. I can’t let you drive alone at this time of night while you’re tired."
"I’ll be fine."
"I insist. Luke, go get the car ready."

Luke got his keys out of his pocket and went out the door.

"Thank you Mr. H."
"It’s no problem. Hailey, I can’t tell you how glad I am to see the two of you together. Luke really needs a girl like you."
"Well, I’m glad to be with him." I smiled.

This just made me feel worse... He actually thought that Luke was with me, I hated doing this to such a kind man, but then again Luke does seem to be a better person than I thought he was, maybe he really was starting to change, maybe he just needs some time. This was so confusing.

"Thanks for that." Luke said as I got into his car.
"Well, I couldn’t just stand by and watch you getting blamed for getting a 17-year-old pregnant."
"Yeah... That would be a little problem..." He said smiling.
"So we should probably discuss this arrangement."
"Probably, maybe we could talk about it at your place over a cup of coffee."

I let him wait on the couch while I made him coffee. Janie wasn’t home, she was probably with Jonathan.

"So..." I said as I handed him his coffee and sat next to him on the couch.
"How is this going to work?"
"Well, we should probably spend some time together at my house to convince my father that we’re together, and if I go somewhere I’ll just tell him that I’m off to you. That’s that."
"Okay, that sounds fine. And no one else needs to know about this?" He smiled.
"You really don’t want people to think that we’re a couple, do you? Am I that bad?"

This made me feel a little mean. I didn’t want him to think that.

"Of course not. I just... I don’t..."
"You don’t want people to think that you’re a slut like all the other girls I’ve dated."
"You said it. Oh and you can hardly call that dating."
"You’re really judging you know that?"
"I’m so not judging you!"
"Yes, you are!"
"I’m not... I just wouldn’t do such things, so no I don’t approve of your lifestyle, but everyone’s different."


Luke’s POV

She sounded just like my father. No wonder he liked her so much. And she was definitely judging me. I wish I could have done this with someone else. She’s such a prude!

"Yes, well if you learn to let go a little, you might just have a little fun."
"I do let go, I have plenty of fun!"
"I hardly think so. I’ve never seen you at a party or anywhere social for that matter and the two times you actually were social, you could only talk about your studies."
"I did not."

"Oh please, why do you think I wanted to go the beach that day of the BBQ? You were boring everyone with your study talk, the same with my dad just now."
"Well, at least I have ambition. It matters to me, it will determine my future."
"And of course you think that I lack that?"
"That’s not what I said."
"It’s what you think."
"I don’t think that."
"Yes, you do."
"No, I don’t!"
"You do.’’
"I don’t!"
"You do..."
"Luke! Stop it!"
"So, I’m right?"
"Would you stop it?"
"Thank you."
"My pleasure." I said sarcastically
"Well, now that we have sorted this whole thing out... You should probably get going."
"Are you tired of me already, we only just started dating darling?"
"Ha... Ha. You’re so funny. Now get your things and go and don’t you call me darling."

She was really getting annoyed by me, I loved it. I might as well have fun with her while I’m stuck with her.

"Can’t wait to see you again my darling. I’ll be counting down the minutes!" I said, laughing at the face she made me when she practically shoved me out the door.


Hailey’s POV

Why did he have to be so freaking irritating!! He was really getting on my nerves. I can’t wait for this to be over!
Published: 12/20/2012
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