Pretty Was The Sun

A wee ditty for Valentine's day.
Pretty was the sun today,
But still it was outshone,
For the tenderness inside your heart,
Stole away it's warmth,
And while the snowdrops bowed their heads,
In tribute to your charm,
I could not help but wonder,
At just how lucky I am.

You brighten up my coldest days,
With a warm whisper of sighs,
And those softest quotes of comfort bring,
Enough love to realize.
Just how much you mean to me,
When I'm in need of soft repose,
I thank you, my love, for being there,
To bring my day to a close.

And the songbirds shall awake the sun,
With their melody to romance,
Just as your kiss embraces me,
In its sheer symphonic trance,
You have always played my heartstrings,
With the sweet fragrance of love,
And may I ever stay under your spell,
Within your arms, my love.

Published: 2/12/2019
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