Prey On Me

You can't hurt me anymore.
The reason I can walk unafraid at night,
Is because I'm no longer afraid to die,
I can saunter alone along the empty street,
Hearing only the sound as my hear beats.

And when the shadows creep up behind my back,
I just smile, and await the imminent attack,
These demons no longer hold me in sway,
Neither do the threats he whisperingly says.

My breath quickens in excitement as I turn,
And it builds inside, a slow burn,
The moon glints off of the vicious knife,
As the predator unknowingly enter a fight for his life.

How unfair of him to bring a blade to a fist fight,
But I stand my ground as he steps into the light,
I move to the side, avoid the first blow,
He hesitates that was a surprise, I know.

Silver flashes as the knife tries to draw blood,
But I've been here before, so it's all good,
I move away, then back into place,
Satisfaction is the sound of my fists hitting his face.

1, 2, 3, and then blood starts to drip,
I can see in his eyes as his resolve slips,
He tries again, striking low, it's a hit,
Metal bites into skin, my breath coming out in a hiss...

I'm done playing, predator is now prey,
My vision blurs to black, white, and gray,
Slow motion movement as the blade again comes down,
But my foot connects, and he's on the ground.

Suddenly, HIS knife is in MY hand,
And it leaves its mark in his skin like a bloody brand,
With shallow slashes, he pays the price for his crime,
Something tells me, hell remember this the next time.

He screams now, I guess that last strike really hurt,
I step back and drop the knife, disgusted, in the dirt,
I bend down, wipe my hands off on his torn shirt,
Then move back and look down at the disgraced pervert.

I'm done, so I turn, and walk away,
Oh, look, I'll live another day,
Published: 4/20/2012
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