Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

For those thinking of cute prom hairstyles for medium hair, there are many alternatives to choose from. This article tells you more on the different types of prom hairstyles for medium hair length...
Making cute prom hairstyles for medium hair is fundamentally a matter of playing with the versatility of medium hair. Girls who have medium length hair have the option of selecting from a variety of haircuts such as curly prom hairstyles, sleek styles, and sassy hairdos. The main benefit of having medium hair is that prom hairstyles are easy to make and look trendy as well. Moreover, the hairdos also demand low maintenance, with very little need for re-touches and end-hour modifications on prom night.

Cute Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Straight Hair
Straight hair relates to shoulder-length hair which does not have any kinks or bends. If you have such hair you can choose the following hairstyles.

Classic Elegant Bob: A classic elegant bob is a precision cut, and the main advantage of this hairdo is that it stays into place graciously all night long. In addition, this bob hairstyle also would be a perfect match to the prom dress which is pretty detailed and colorful.

Braids on Top: You can experiment with this hairdo for making a difference in the crowd. Braids are not just voguish and stylish, they are also useful for not letting the hair fall on the face. Some other benefits of this hairdo are that it dresses up a simple one length look, and makes placing a flower or tiara easier.

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Curly Hair
Medium curly hair is shoulder-length hair having a placeable 'S' pattern which forms loops and springs away from the head. Just take a look at some of the prom hairstyles that match this type of hair.

Catchy Curls: This is one of the most casual looking prom haircuts. It includes pinning the fringes to the sides, and combing out for adding some height in the crown. These voluptuous smooth curls can be formed using hot irons which are suitable for averting fuzz too.

Natural Curls: This is a fantastic long-lasting haircut with curls which seems very natural. It is pinned up across the back and sides, and as the shoulders and neck are exposed, it would go well with low-necked gowns and clothing.

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Wavy Hair
Medium length wavy hair is around the shoulder length with a little flex or an 'S' shape. The following are hairstyles for this type of hair.

Glamorous Waves: If you prefer to wear a glamorous look, and like a hairdo with substantial volume and bounce, this hairstyle is the right one for you. The haircut consists of soft waves that are formed with hot rollers, and it suits longer face shapes due to its extra width.

Pinned Waves: This is the best voguish hairstyle which can be used to show off your beautiful face and cheek bone structure. The hairdo comprises one side pinned back off the face, letting soft waves to set exquisitely onto one side of the neck. Due to its structured appearance, it can be used for a prom night as well as in a formal setting.

These are some of the most popular prom hairstyles for medium hair that you can wear for the prom night. Some of these hairstyles can also be done at home, and for the other complicated ones, you would be required to get the job done from a professional hairdresser. When it comes to prom hairstyles for medium hair, simply ensure that the hairdo matches your apparel and also looks good on you.
By Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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