Promise Me Forever

I was in love once but will never again. Now I spent my time writing about what used to be. I want to move on but for some reason I can't...
I miss you, I miss you,
I swear in my life it's true,
Do you miss me too?
I really hope that you do.

My love for you burns bright, it burns bright,
Being with you feels so right,
In darkness you are my light,
In blindness you are my sight.

You are all that I see,
And all that I see, you are all of me,
You make me what I'm supposed to be,
You are my one and only destiny.

Having you with me,
Makes me so glad, so glad,
There was never a moment,
When you made me truly sad,
Of course there were times when I got mad,
But it was ok because I knew,
Our relationship would never go bad.

So my love, promise me forever,
When it comes to the end say "Never",
Tell me our love won't ever sever,
Promise me forever...
Published: 11/30/2011
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