Promise Of A Brand New Day

Tomorrows are colored in brighter hues, if todays are splashed in reds and greens. What's stopping you from celebrating the circle of life?...
Don't stay down, get up, rise,
Don't let scar slow you down,
Never allow ebb to take guise
Of helpless crisscross frown.

All of nature is yours in stroke.
All of the earth and high seas.
Life's cinders are yours to stoke.
Creatures thrive for you to please.

Come, come, claim the heirloom
That is yours to ever gain in kind.
Yours is festivity, not dark gloom;
You are keeper of forces designed.

There is not moment that you are not,
You are all around in different garb;
You are given your rich, earned lot,
To surpass thorns of pointed barb.

For you do the roses bloom in glee,
For you do all the living multiply,
For you are the spaces on green lee,
Yours are the waters in rich supply.

You are designed to shine and show
Colors of life, and not shades of grey;
The clarion call is pitched high, not low,
You hold promise of a brand new day!
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/18/2009
Bouquets and Brickbats