Pros and Cons of Kindle and Nook

If you want to buy an ebook reader and are finding it difficult to zero on, which one to buy, then you would want to know the advantages and disadvantages of both kindle and nook. The comparison will help you in clearing the doubts you have about both the products. Scroll down to know the advantages and disadvantages of both kindle and nook.
Previously, every household would boast of a library at home. However, gone are the days of a big book shelf, with books on varied range of topics. These are the days of technology. We no more have the leisure time to pick up a book from the library and read it as we sip on a cup of tea. With the time crunch and a number of other benefits came the ebook readers into picture. Previously the ebooks were read on computers. However, with Wi-Fi, 3G, etc. people liked the freedom of reading various books of their choice, when they are moving. Now one does not have to carry a number of books, when they are traveling. They will find all the books at the click of a button.

The two main players in the field of ebook readers are Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Both of them claim, that they give each other the run for their money. Although, there is the Apple iPad in the market, the nook and kindle are dedicated ebook readers, which is not the case with the Apple iPad. This narrows the comparison to kindle vs nook comparison. The differences between the two and the advantages and disadvantages of both the kindle and nook will become clear to you then.

Kindle Vs. Nook Comparison

There are a number of us, who would want to invest in one of the ebook readers. Therefore, the comparison of kindle and nook comes to the forefront. After taking the pros and cons of kindle and nook into consideration it will become easier to take a decision.

Pros of Kindle
The foremost advantage of a kindle is that the books are cheaper on kindle. The prices are set at much cheaper as compared to the hardback books. If the books are older, then the cost of the books on kindle are far more cheaper. Laying your hands on the books is way faster with the kindle. One does not have to go to a bookstore or to the library to get yourself a book. With the click of a button, you can download the latest book to be read on your kindle. In the kindle vs nook review, the kindle scores because of the number of books available on kindle, which is of help in maintaining a portable library. Reading on the kindle is not tiring for the eyes. One does not have to keep scrolling, when one is reading. Electronic ink is used to generate the pages of the books, which is soothing for the eyes. If you are doing research, using a kindle is beneficial as you can take notes as you are reading. At the same time, if there are words, which you are not familiar with, then you can make use of the built-in dictionary.

Cons of Kindle
A handicap with the kindle is that one cannot share books. At the same time, you will not be able to share the books with a friend either. If you want to share the book with a friend, then you will hand over your expensive kindle to the friend. This is something hardly any one of us would really want to do. Although one can access using the kindle, it is very time-consuming to access the web with the kindle. If you are of the opinion, that all the publishing houses are on Amazon board, then you are mistaken. There are chances that you will not be able to read all the books, you really want to read. With the introduction of the kindle and the nook, the printing industry is on a decline. Not all of them have been able to come to par with the new technology. Therefore, an ebook reader will have to be patient. Often people tend to buy numerous books, as they are sold at a discount. This may result in you buying books, which are of no interest to you. At the same time, you will be able to read ebooks, which you have bought through their store.

Pros of Nook
In the kindle vs nook comparison chart, one point which scores for nook is the color touchscreen. It primarily has black and white E ink, which is used for displaying books and magazines. However, below the reading screen, there is a small color screen. One can browse the collection and choose the book or magazine one wants to read. It has 3.5" LED screen. It also has a keyboard, which can be used for navigation. When one thinks, which is better kindle or nook, one point which goes in favor of the nook is the share-ability option. One can lend books to near and dear ones. The books which have been lent can be accessed through computers and smartphones. A book can be lent for a period of 2 weeks. During this time, the book will not be available to you. After two weeks, the original reader will be able to access the book again. Nook has an Android operating system. Since it is an open source, other developers will be able to design apps, just like is the case with Apple's iPhone apps. All the existing apps can be accessed by a nook user. Books can be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection as well. When you are at the Barnes and Noble store, you can read the books for free.

Cons of Nook
In the nook vs kindle, the battery life goes against the nook. While the kindle can run up to 14 day on single battery charge, the nook can be used only for ten days. The other difference between kindle and nook is the fact that there is no browser in the nook, which is available in the kindle. At the same time, in the kindle3 vs nook, what is seen is that there is no text to speech feature available in the nook.

After reading the pros and cons of kindle and nook, you may want to know about the kindle vs sony reader vs nook. There are certain points, which work in favor of the Sony reader. The screen size, screen resolution, etc. are some of them. Depending on your needs, you will have to decide after doing the nook vs kindle comparison. Another point of comparison in the kindle vs nook is the price as well. I hope this write up has proved to be help to you in deciding which is the right ebook reader for you.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 1/8/2011
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