Put My Mind At Rest

Coming home.
I hold here in the palms of my hands,
A small whisper of hope,
Scented words from a scented breath,
Spoken to help me cope,
With all the trials and the tribulations
That put me to the test,
But ah, if I could only hold you tight,
That'd put my mind at rest.

I've been away for so long now,
I've forgotten who I am,
And I still don't know if I'm coming home,
To a welcome or a damn,
Did you wait for me with kindly thoughts,
Or ridicule with jest,
Hope you told that boy it's over now,
That'll put my mind at rest.

As the sun-kissed the horizon,
And I neared my journey's end,
As the moonlight cast long shadows,
And the darkness claimed my friends,
And when I think of my endeavors,
Were they worthy of my quest?
Have I lost or have I found you?
Please do put my mind at rest.

There's a candle in your window,
And a cup upon the sill,
A brew to warm my cockles,
To fight the winter chill,
I see you smile from the porch,
And I know that I am blessed,
To feel safe and warm within the arms
That have put my mind at rest.
Published: 11/29/2011
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