Questions & Decisions!

For all the people who love to analyze, think and calculate their life instead of actually living it!
It's odd how decision, that we were once convinced to be the best ones we ever made, later seem to be the biggest mistakes of our lives!!

Why do we dilute the emotion and thought we put in to our decisions, with the repercussions of the decisions? Why do we question our very core of belief systems on the basis of how somebody else's decisions and their actions turned out to be?

We take the awesome feeling that love and only love can give, and turn it in to a guilt trap, a culmination of all the wrong decisions we make. Everybody makes mistakes, and we accept it when its someone else, we comfort and we cheer. But, why is it that when we make those very mistakes, the intensity not in consideration here, do we keep on obsessing and questioning and whining about it?

I believe that, if something doesn't work out the way we want it to, it wasn't the right thing for us anyway. Is it an overwhelming superiority complex that leads to it? Or is it that I have chosen to learn from others mistakes, and mine, and moved forward a stronger person, a better person? May be both.

They say that, the purest form of gold is acquired after it goes through the highest temperatures of a furnace. But, isn't the purest form of gold really weak? Then why is it that we don't settle for the slightly impure, but stronger?

Too many questions, a very short life. Why, then, do we question more than we live?
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 7/18/2009
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