Quiet Love

When feelings define love without spoken words.
I kissed you in my most cherish dreams tonight,
And I whispered what a pounding! It was my heartbeat,
He might have heard obviously "he has heard,"
That's the meaning of his name, it was a thought.

I love you already but am afraid you know not,
Age is a number, mine is a two-digit still,
A count too could take some minutes,
Yet I know not well this gift called love.

I hate the unknown and am beginning to wonder,
What you think every time you look at me,
I wonder not about my heart for I have clarity,
It's you it wants.

But am beginning to wonder what you want,
My life and hope is on hold,
Like a God. you might just decide my fate.

I love your care but am afraid is not enough,
I love you deeply, quietly, and secretly,
I asked God to help me and I thought I was a fool,
Imagine such a case I engaged God?
Published: 7/29/2016
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