Rain is Like Love

We never know how much nature is like our feelings... about life.
The calm cool breeze wrap around you
Like a man holds and kiss all over you
You feel calm, passion, and free to be yourself
When rain drops fall onto your skin
If feels like piece of heaven
With the cold and refreshing touch on your skin.

As rain touches your skin, your heart start racing
And pounding like this is going be your last breath
And all you have to do is living in your last moment
In time to stand still for a little bit longer.

When lighting flashes bright up the night sky
And you can almost see the heaven smiling down
That you found your true love
And all you want to do is to keep your love forever
And never want to let it go ever.

When I hear thunder all I can think
How much love can bring out a person
When they are scared enough to bring out
The best of a person to show compassion and love,
And caring of how much something scare a little child
And how you want to protect them whatever it cost.
Published: 9/6/2011
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