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As she opened the door, she was greeted by his disheveled appearance. Leaves and dirt adorned his unruly mess of dark hair. Cuts and bruises decorated his face. Mud and blood streaked his tattered clothes.

"Miss me?" He asked, his voice low and husky.

She was paralyzed with fear.

She remembered burying his remains the night before, so how was he standing before her?

He found the tree house of his childhood, which he built with his parents in their old backyard. He spent most of his youth in his tree house, where he would play with his imaginary friend all day. They would use the telescope to gaze at the stars at night, or pretend to be pirates and explorers. There was a hammock tied between two trees, where they would take naps together. And they both loved using the slides more than the ladder.

He couldn't believe that the tree house was still intact. There was no hammock, or slide, or a telescope. But the main structure of it remained. He climbed the old ladder, which was almost breaking apart, and he decided to have a quick look around for the sake of nostalgia.

Inside, was something unexpected.

In the corner, curled up into a quivering ball, was his imaginary friend.

Waiting for him, for 30 years, sad and hurt.

He couldn't believe it.


Little Loli tugged at her mother's apron, who was cooking in the kitchen.


The mother briskly moved Loli away from her.

"I'm busy right now, sweetie. Go play with your toys."

"But..." Loli squeaked, "I want to know something."

The mother sighed impatiently. "What is it?"

Little Loli looked up at her with curious eyes.

"Mommy, are humans real?"



Meet Daisy, an 11-year-old girl, who appears to be small, petite and dainty upon first glance. However, she has the strength of two African elephants. This little girl can break through walls with a punch of her tiny fist and lift up trees with seemingly little to no effort. She is one of the most dangerous specimens of her kind, due to her bizarre abilities which are often underestimated.

Little Daisy is usually seen with her father, 36-year-old Brian Peterson. He is described to be 'the world's ugliest man' by every news outlet. Despite his hideous physical appearance, he has the ability to charm men and women into falling in love with him within minutes of interaction. He is a mastermind with no limitation to his cognitive abilities, thus he, too, is labeled as the most dangerous in his species.

Daisy and Brian are on the run together. They've escaped from their enclosures and now they're wreaking havoc in the city. There will be a $25 million bounty for their immediate capture or retrieval.


You are scared of us, but the truth is, we are scared of you.

Monsters never have wars and never harm each other. We don't have reasons to get revenge on other monsters. Just because we don't look like you does not mean we are bad or evil.

The reason we hide under children's beds or in their closets are to protect them from other humans. Those children are all alone in the world and need a friend like us. They are not scared of us, but of the humans in their life. We are the only things that really love and will protect them with our lives.

Then they grow up and forget everything we did for them and blame everything that happened in their childhood on us. Their parents didn't love them, so we did. They left us and grew up and the world changed them.

Just because we have sharp teeth and claws and scary eyes and a growl does not mean we are bad. This is to scare off anything that is hurting or is a threat to the children we are protecting, who cannot do it themselves.

You are the real monster, not us.
Published: 2/21/2020
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