Raven Flies: Chapter Four

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Raven's POV

I couldn't believe how amazing last night was. When we arrived at the dance, George immediately introduced me to all of his football buddies. Crazy thing was, none of them made fun of me, instead, they were all gawking at me, like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I couldn't help but to smile and stand close to my handsome boyfriend.

As we danced to our first dance, I gazed into his eyes.
"Is something on my face?" He asked, eyes wide with sarcastic fear.
"No... no. I was just looking at how unbelievably handsome you are."
"Well thank you," he says, leaning in for another kiss.

And that's how most of the night went, us dancing in the comfort of each other's arms.


As I lay in my bed, dreaming about the night before, I could feel someone watching me. My eyes quickly opened to see my dad was standing before my bed.

"What is it dad? Are you okay?" I asked, getting up from my bed. He continued to stand there as I approached him. "Dad? What's wrong?" I reached up to hug him but he forced me down on the bed.
"I'm sorry, I have to do this," he says, climbing on top of me.
"No daddy! No! Stop it!" Was all that I could remember before he covered my mouth.


George's POV

It had been almost four days since I had last seen Raven. She didn't show up to school on Monday, wasn't answering any of my calls nor was she answering the door. I was really starting to get concerned. Just then, I saw Liz, walked into the front door of the school.

"Hey Liz, have you seen Raven?"
"No, I haven't seen her since Thursday. Is something wrong?"
"Yeah, she's not answering any of my calls. I'm just worried something happened to her."
"I have a key to her house, do you want me to go with you after school to check on her?"
"Yes, please. That would be great. See you at 3." I say, rushing off to my last period of the day.


Liz met me in front of Raven's house at 3:15.
"Are you ready?" She asked, carrying the key in her hand.
"Yeah, let's go," I said as we walked up to the front door. She knocked and waited, but no one answered. Slowly she inserted the key and pushed the door open. "Hello?" No answer. "I'll check upstairs."

I ran up the stairs to see Raven sprawled on her stomach, blood oozing from her head, knife in her hand. I looked further up the hallway and saw a lifeless male body. Blood covering his shirt, face and hands. What had gone on here? I kneel down beside Raven.

"Rave! Can you hear me?" I yell, footsteps behind me.
"Oh my God! What happened?"
"Call an ambulance. I think they're dead."
Published: 12/12/2012
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