Raven Flies: Chapter Three

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Michelle’s POV

I hadn’t even been at the school for a day and I had already been asked out by a football guy. I had vowed that I would never date another jock but I couldn’t help myself. Richard was very attractive, tall dark skin and killer muscles. He had just walked by me with a bunch of his friends, eyes glued to mine, grinning ear to ear.
I sighed as I waited for Raven. Raven was very pretty especially for the emo or goth girl that she was. She didn’t really wear dark clothes like I imagined emo girls to wear. There was something that repelled me to know more about her, I didn’t know what it was but I was determined to find out.

"Hey," a soft voice said, I turned to see Raven. "Did you want to go buy our dress for tomorrow?"
"Sure, where did you have in mind?"
"I know this little place down on Florence. I think you’ll like it."
"Okay," I shrugged. "Let’s go, we’ll take my car."
Minutes later, Raven came running up to my car. "Nice car," she said, climbing into my blue 1966 Ford Mustang.

"Thanks, she’s my pride and joy. My pops gave her to me," I mentioned, as I rubbed the dashboard. My pops had died last year in a crazy freak accident in New Hampshire. I had been away with my mother when he passed away. Smiling, I peeled out the parking lot. "Where to?"
"Keep going and then at the…third light, turn left and ‘Beauty’s Dark Side’ sits on the right," she said, almost in a whisper, "I can’t wait to see what you think."


Raven’s POV

We entered Beauty’s Dark Side and as always I was blown away. I loved everything Madame Darkley created from her black striped plaid dresses, to her spiked heels. What I really loved about her store was her ability to take something old and make it into a beautiful masterpiece!

Just as I was about to turn to another aisle, a shimmer of blue and purple caught my eye. The fabric was so sleek, so amazing. It felt like clothing only the Queen of England would wear. Without hesitation, I try on the dress inside the fitting room. I stare at my reflection, all I can say is breathtakingly beautiful. I had no idea that this dress could look so graceful around my small frame.

I could hear Madame Darkley conversing with Michelle but I didn’t care. I wanted this dress, had to have this dress! It would be perfect for the dance tomorrow. George would love it.


George’s POV

My excitement got the best of me once again, I noted, as I sat outside Raven’s house. My feet couldn’t move neither could my hands. What was wrong with me? I desperately wanted to see Raven in her dress she was so thrilled to show me. Finally, after several deep intakes of air I got out the limo and walked up to her front door. Before I could even knock, the door swings open. Raven stood before me in a stunning floor length blueish purple gown with a rhinestone tiara. Her hair held and her face. It was perfect.

My eyes never left her, as the night continued. Tonight, I had a good time. We danced for what seemed like forever, socialized with a few of my friends. Most of them were shocked that Raven Flies was so sexy in her dress. I for one was very excited that she was on my arm the entire time. Raven Flies was mine and no one else’s.
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Published: 10/31/2012
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