Raven Flies: Chapter Two

George's football game.
My movie date with George was unbelievably amazing. He held my hand the whole time. People stared at us but I didn't care. I was with GEORGE TILLMAN! At the end of our date, he took me home and we sat outside for hours, talking about school and what we would do after we graduated. Finally, he leaned in and gave me one of the most desirable kisses I have ever received. I felt like I was floating on clouds.

He then slowly pulled away and whispered, "You know I have always liked you Raven. Will you be my girlfriend?" I screamed so loud, I thought I was going to bust the windows. "Yes! Yes!" We hugged and kissed again. And that was the night. I went to bed super excited. I couldn't wait to talk to Liz.


Late Thursday night, as I am painting my nails, I receive a call from Liz.
"Hey," I said in a sullen tone.
"Are you mad?"
"No shit Liz. You ask Daniel out without even telling me, when you knew I liked him. But whatever. It's fine now."
I could here Liz breath heavy on the other end. "So you're not gonna talk to me anymore?"
"I don't know Liz. You've treated me like shit for the past five years and frankly I'm tired of your shit!"
"Who the hell do you think you are talking to? Don't forget I made you."
"Made me? Made me what? If anything don't you forget I am the one who made you. You stole my boyfriend to get popular, you almost got me expelled."
"That has nothing to do with it."
"Liz, you're stupid. Don't call or talk to me anymore."
"Well, good luck with having no friends at school, skank." She says before hanging up the phone.


Even though I was really tired, I got up two hours earlier. George said he would pick me up for school this morning. I needed to be absolutely stunning when I walked into school with him. I decided to wear my purple leopard smock dress with black leggings and black leopard print/gold pumps with gold accessories including my gold belt. I heard a quiet knock on the door.

"Hey," he said, as I opened the door. "You look beautiful." I smiled, as I looked at his outfit. He was dressed in a black and white blazer, white collared shirt, khakis and black and white shoes. They looked like Jordan's but I wasn't quite sure. All I cared about was how sexy he looked.
"Good morning," I replied, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'm ready to go."

George and I had just walked into the school and I had never had so many eyes on me at once. George then walked up his locker. "Everything will be alright babe," he said, grabbing a few books out of his locker. I smiled whispering a quick "thank you" as he led me towards my classroom. "I'll see you after 3rd period." He quickly kissed me and headed down the hall. I turned to see Liz. Her face looked so pale compared to her usual self. I just smirked and walked into class.

"Rave... wait... come back," she asked, following me into class. I wanted to turn and take her back but I knew she would never learn if I became her friend again. I just wanted to teach her that you can't treat anyone anyway that you want. "Rave, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." I waived her off.

"You did though Liz. You meant it. If you didn't you would have immediately called back. I am done being your friend. I can't take it," I state, sitting in my seat, readying for class to start.

Liz slowly nodded, "I'm sorry" before sitting in her seat.


When North Ridge football team came out of the locker room the crowd went wild. It was our 10th game of the season and we had won every game except for the one against Westall High.

"Ladies and gentleman, tonight we have the home team, North Ridge going against Westall. Who will take this one?" The commentator reported. The pep squad then began to chant: "Tigers! Tigers! Tigers!" Just then a pretty tall blonde girl stepped into my line of sight. She looked really athletic, her muscles showing through her white long sleeve Under Armour shirt.

"Hey, can I sit here?"
"Umhh... sure..." I answer. She instantly sits down, eying everyone around her, nervously. "Are you new here?"
"Yea, how'd you guess?" We both laugh. "My name's Michelle."
"Nice to meet you Michelle. My name's Raven."
"That's a pretty name."
"Yeah... I just transferred to this school today. I came from Westall."
"Wow... that's funny. Why'd you transfer?" I ask, just as the commentator begins to speak. The game had begun.
"Talk later. I love football," she said, turning to watch the kick-off.


"So how'd I do?" George asked me, as he leaped over the bleacher separating him from me.
"Umh... I think you did awesome!" I yelled. Everyone had begun to talk louder, all ecstatic that we had kicked won, 45-13.
"Thanks babe," he said replying, kissing me on the lips. I loved how he could make me feel like I was the only person in the world. My knees began to buckle and I knew I had to pull away.
"Hey, this is Michelle. She just transferred here from Westall." I mentioned, just as one of George's football friends walked up.
"You go to our school?" George's friend asked Michelle.
"Yeah. Why?" I giggled. I could tell she was like me, brave.
"Are you going to the dance tomorrow?" She looked at me.
"Yeah," I interrupted. "Little dance tomorrow at school." She shrugged.
"Are you going?" I nodded.
"Wanna go?" She glanced up at George's friend.
"I don't get to know your name?"
"Oh shit. My bad, the name's Richard."
"Well Richard. See you tomorrow." Michelle said, as she got up and walked down the bleachers.


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Published: 10/23/2012
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