Raven in the Dark

Just a dark poem type thing I wrote last night.
I am the shadow in the night
The fear in kids eyes
The lost soul screaming into the wind
I'm the black raven sitting on a tree.

Waiting for the reaper to escort him
I'm the one you all fear but cannot see
The black in your eyes?
I'm there...

The whispers in the dark?
That's me
The noise of a storm?
The howling of the wind?

I'm in that too
I'm the night
The shadows
The darkness, everyone is afraid of
The weakness in your legs.

When fear takes over your body
Shadows are the fear
The fear is the night
I'm the raven watching you all the time.

Watching, waiting for you so I can
Devour your soul while your spirit dies.
Published: 8/8/2011
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