Ray of Light

This is a poem I wrote about my husband, and how his love has come as a calming factor on my being. It is in those times that we simply spoke about nothing, laughed over our craziness, over our silly jokes... that I see the beauty of life in its simplest form. He is a gift to me and his presence a ray of light (It is in This).
It is in this that I lay awake,
In the comfort that I know,
As I turn to greet a ray of light,
Seeps into breaks of leaves,
Greeting me with the morning breeze.

It is in this that I see you smile,
Watching the curve of my face,
Saying you find beauty in it,
Even with rumpled hair and,
A crease, a memory of bliss.

It is in this that I lay my eyes,
Unto your own, loving its fold,
As I gently caress your hair,
Telling you the only truth I embrace,
When I ask myself why I exist.

It is in this that I keep my faith,
Of what we shared,
Of the vows we promised,
Of the heart’s beating we professed,
Of the dreams we are living.

And it is in this moment,
Listening to my own breathing,
To my own existing,
That I am telling,
How I have you,
In my very being,
Falling, falling, falling.
Published: 9/17/2012
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