Real Player: Drake or Meek Mill?

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We have all took notice of things going on in the free world. Drake and Meek Mill have been dogging each other. I took a liking to all rappers. So I am neutral and I'm working through some music issues myself. Drake fires on all cylinders, hits his quotes just right and carries his load so far. He is very famous and is a real player. All around the country rappers taking jabs at others is like the Presidential race. Meek Mill has reacted, but I doubt is taking it as serious.

Beefs between rappers has happened before. Is this a real beef or just for the money? Both are well-known. I don't pay attention too much to the things people say. Attacking with music is almost part of being in the genre. Keeping it likable and in touch, and pretty professionally is an art. It becomes history of which one becomes the "Real Player" status?

It is part of the industry but some get serious about such things. Pastor Troy was seen and supposedly spoken to by a person I have talked too. I didn't know some Players don't allow others come within their area of stomping grounds. It may be in part because of gangs? Who knows? Rick Ross was talked about quite a bit by the GD's. It is thought that they were going to shut him down nationwide. Because I don't know much about them, I will not make assumptions just what I have seen.

Eminem supposedly was beefing with Rick Ross, I believe the words got turned and twisted. It is apparent what rappers should really be doing, and that's get along. Even in the Underground, there is beefs. It is a break from the pressing journey involved in being an artist. Pick and poke is part of the game. The latest deaths caused by arguments are there. It should be everyone's interest not to make that part of the arguments. You can be a player in the game, but people dying from some of this, is really unfortunate and not at all the ending resolution. There should be solid ground to stand on, but it ain't gonna happen. As long as there is territory, there will be battles but of words and not life. Fans should understand this is how money is made being a rapper and always has been. All about the diss, who did this, what happened and wanting better for yourself, I can say all the rappers mentioned are "Real Players" and then some, if you have information on these beefs please share your stories.
Published: 8/10/2015
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