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This week, the Real Player edition visits Pastor Troy. I was visiting some people from my area. I was told, there were some who truly didn't like Pastor Troy. I was under the understanding that he was liked. I have always liked Troy. His music of the past, hit my nerves hard. He is (do not get it twisted) a real player. He has called many out, to only get no response, telling me Pastor Troy gets mad respect. His new music drops like a pot of hot grits. He has been hitting on all cylinders. Be it not his music, but his fame that makes one jealous.

It is what I listened to, also 2 Pac, Cypress Hill, Eminem, Nirvana, Metallica, AC/DC, Ratt, Beastie Boys, Ice Cube, Dre, Eazy-E, and the likes. What troubles me is how when Troy removed himself from the labels and making Troy music.

He is now and always have been a made man. He is cutting many with new music and will hit the limelight soon and needs all our support. To the other artists, you hear me, book the Pastor of Disaster you may miss your chance. This is Pastor Troy's year. Many years and many more, Troy is on the path of securing his place on what I will call the Rap dynasty. He is truly an artist and a bigger artist in 2015... he is a real player.
Published: 8/20/2015
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