Reasons To Love You!

Poem is about the reasons to love a person.
There's always a reason why people feel a certain way,
Sometimes it's just hard to explain,
Expressing it isn't any easier,
The words getting all jumbled is such a big pain.

But I’d like to let you know how I truly feel,
Let the world know why I love you,
Show how much you mean to me,
And how I'll be with you all the way through.

I like the way you make me smile,
I like the way you make me happy,
I like the way you have so much style,
But that’s not why I love you.

I like the way your smile gives me butterflies,
I like the vibe you give off to me,
I like the way your skin is so soft,
But that’s not why I love you.

You may be beautiful inside and out,
And I love you for that everyday,
But the reason I love you most of all,
Is because you’re you, just you.

There’s only one you,
No one else can even compare,
It’s the same with our love,
The love that we share.

It’s one of a kind,
Unique in its own special way,
No one can describe it, or explain the true meaning,
But they can declare it’s there and it's not going to stray.

Do you feel the way I feel too,
Do you need me, like the way I need you,
Do you love me the way I love you,
Are we going to make this love true?

You know how I feel,
How you mean the world to me and more,
I need you to see the real reason I love you,
And why you’re the only one, my heart adores.

It’s not your stunning looks,
Or your amazing personality,
It’s how good you make me feel,
And because you’re always you, Just you!
Published: 10/11/2012
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