Recession: A National Predicament

The state of a nation.
Is it a kind of session?
Or a sort of question?
Don’t mention, it is an exclamation,
Seriously, we need to review our profession.

After all congregated clamor,
For a change, it sounded just like an humor,
A leader emerged,
‘Sai Baba’! We all charged.

All it had to take was a calendar of months,
Before we realized the name wasn’t just a font,
But a re-invented dictator,
Breeding in an incubator.

Propagandas were propounded,
Blames were accorded,
All in the quest to quench corruption,
They claimed that was their mission.

Commodities started sky-rocketing,
Services rendered in hiking,
Masses are suffering,
Our voices are raised in prayers,
For our dear nation to recover.
Published: 11/10/2016
Bouquets and Brickbats